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Cassondra's 12 lb wedding weight loss
personal training for wedding clients
Jeff's groom weight loss 15 lbs

Before – After – Wedding diet weight loss

Cassondra: lost 12 lbs. of fat for her wedding! Jeff lost 15lbs!

I starting training with Jason for my big wedding day. It was all my fiancés idea. I had “tried it all” to no avail and quite frankly had a no win attitude so I wasn’t easy to train. I was totally impressed — after 6 weeks I looked better than I did in my twenties and felt like a million bucks! I was an ex-dancer / athletic type so I was in great shape in my early twenties but when I reached my thirties everything went downhill. No matter what I tried I couldn’t lose the weight around my hips, thighs and stomach. It took a real pro like Jason to get the results I wanted — and he never flinched. If something wasn’t working he’d switch it up immediately so we’d get the results we wanted. And, as for the work-outs – they’re hard. But… I can honestly say that nobody can sculpt and re-shape a body like Jason. He’s a consummate professional so if you’re looking for a buddy to work out with — don’t hire him. If you’re looking to be in the best shape of your life and feel better than ever… hire him. He’s worth every penny!

Beginning weight: 129 Ending weight: 111 Time: 8 weeks body transformation

Jason’s Program works. He is hard working and very motivated to getting you the body you want. He expects the same motivation from you. Follow his diet and excerise program and you will have the body to be proud of naked.

If you’re serious about getting fit Jason is the only way to go. He helped me get in the best shape of my life a few years ago with his proven exercise and diet plan. Now I’m training with him through my pregnancy to keep healthy and he is adjusting my workout for every step of the way.


Susan's wedding weight loss
Before 19% bodyfat – After 13% bodyfat – Wedding day

Originally, my goal was for my July wedding. Much to my surprise, I passed my goals within 2 months! I have never felt more beautiful and confident in my life. I am fortunate to have found Jason before my wedding, I have pictures I will treasure forever.

Jason is a trainer I recommend to everyone who is serious about reaching your fitness goals!

Susan  Goal: Fat loss beginning bodyfat:19% present bodyfat: 13%

Deena's 11 lb wedding weight loss
Before – After lost 11 lbs for Wedding
Deena weight loss was 11 pounds for her wedding


Heather weight loss for wedding
heather before and after
Lost 13 lbs and 7% body fat for her wedding!


My Fiancé, Mathias, and I wanted to “get fit” prior to our week long destination wedding on the beach so; we choose Jason and his team to help us with that goal!

From the moment I met Jason he was ready to challenge my way of thinking about nutrition and fitness. He set me up with a manageable, easy to understand diet plan. I appreciate the fact that he explained the science behind why he had me eat and work out the way he did. The information helped me make educated choices regarding my health and fitness and understand the rationale. In this way, I became more and more prepared to make this a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet.

Jason helped monitor my eating and was willing to motivate and challenge me when the going got tough. He has a unique style that is a balanced mix of blunt observations and sensitive, motivational interventions.

Jason set my Fiancé and me up with one of his spectacular trainers, James Balazs. Not only is James a knowledgeable and effective trainer, but also, a truly good person. He kept our training sessions challenging, exhilarating and even fun! Mathias and I met with James three mornings a week and, without fail, James was full of enthusiasm and vigor during each 6AM session! He brings such positive energy to the gym and his enthusiasm is contagious.

Thanks to Jason and James, I am feeling more fit than ever with a healthy energy and a better understanding of how to properly feed and care for my body. And, I am confident that I will feel great romping around in a bikini for a week long wedding extravaganza! (and for the Honeymoon to follow!!!)

Your Wedding Weight Loss Program

Are you getting ready for your wedding? You most likely have to prepare for the big day. Most brides, like you, want to be in their best possible shape for their wedding. You want all your guests to admire you in that low-back, strapless, sleeveless wedding dress you’ve picked out. Job one should be to start working with a personal trainer. It’s best to give yourself at least 6 weeks to make a significant weight loss change. A customized diet and fitness regimen will burn fat, alleviate anxiety and sculpt your body. You need professionally designed workouts and healthy nutrition to look your best on your wedding day. Starving, cleanses, fad diets, and diet pills simply aren’t going to cut it.

Following are 5 top tips on how to eat to lose weight before the wedding.

1. Keep a food log. So you don’t have to remember what you’ve eaten. Stress increases the catabolic hormone cortisol, which simultaneously breaks down muscle tissue and builds up fatty tissue. To break this cycle, keep a log of everything you consume during the day, including soft drinks and water. That will make you more aware of what you eat and awareness puts you in control.

2. Eat every three hours and especially before workouts. Make sure that you don’t starve yourself and eat small portions every three hours. You also have to eat before your daily workouts or you’ll run out of gas and actually gain weight. What to eat before your workout? Try some protein and complex carbs, like chicken breast and an apple, an hour before gym time.

3. Avoid fast food. If you want to reach your fitness goals, make sure you are always prepared. Stock your kitchen cabinets and freezer with quick and healthy snacks like apples, natural peanut butter, rice cakes, cocktail shrimp (without sauce!), fresh veggies and potatoes. But if you must stop by a fatty drive-through, order a grilled chicken salad and skip the cheese and the dressing.

4. Eat in. Try to eat at home as often as you can. If a busy schedule takes you out more than usual, ask the waiter to skip the bread basket, stay away from a pre-dinner cocktail and don’t order dessert.

5. Just say no to drinks. Speaking of cocktails, alcohol is loaded with calories. Don’t drink any beverage with calories. An occasional diet soda or tonic water is as far as you should go for the time being. Wait until after you’ve taken your wedding photos to have the champagne.

Now that you’ve got your eating habits under control, make sure work out regularly and in no time you will fit into the dress of your dreams.

With Jason Kozma’s physical fitness program, you will see results. It doesn’t matter if you need to gain muscle, lose weight or simply get into a shape that is healthy and appealing; he can help you like he has helped professional athletes, celebrities and even the guy or girl next door.

His wedding weight loss program combines all of the physical fitness essentials to a better body. You’ll perform fat burning cardiovascular exercise, targeted weight training and even a custom designed diet (he calls it a nutritional regimen) that puts your body on track to losing fat rapidly, shaping your legs and but, shrinking your waist and arms and being the best that it can be for your big day. You’ll never be hungry and you’ll be full of energy!

If you’re in Los Angeles and ready to get the body you’ve always wanted, contact us about our physical fitness program so we can help you get started.

We offer special packages for brides and grooms.

Don’t live in Los Angeles but want to do our wedding weight loss diet and exercise program? Sign up for Online Personal Training!

Questions? Email me!

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