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Bio: “As a child I practiced Kung-Fu and swimming in addition to the high demands of a competitive private school. As the daughter of two type A physicians anything below excellence was substandard. That planted the seeds for determination but no matter how good the outcome was, I was never fully satisfied.

I found yoga when a friend took me took a yoga class to help me alleviate some injuries. Having competed in triathlons and marathons for three years I had dealt with my share of shin splints and a year lasting plantar fasciitis. Yoga kept me injury free and it helped to steady my mind and cultivate calmness in the face of challenges. This I told myself was something I could do for the rest of my life. I decided to pursue it further and completed yoga teacher training in August 2010. Three hours of grueling power yoga every morning followed by five hours of lecturing and more practice was no easy training. The learning though was invaluable.

Often times people have misconceptions about yoga. They think they need to be flexible. They think they need to take perfect asanas. They think they need to do hand stands and pretzel twists. But what I learned in my training is that yoga is really about the quality of the mind. The asanas are simply the tools to cultivate equanimity, non-reactiveness and compassion (with self and others.) Thanks to the consistent practice of yoga I have now come in full circle. My teaching practice integrates the good values my childhood, the discipline of my early athletic endeavors and the balance, focus and self-acceptance of yoga. It’s very exciting to me to have the privilege to share this gift with my clients and invariably better their lives.

The best way to describe my class is like reaching a summit journey. We start the climb with the rhythms and vinyasa yoga, build the heat and reach the peak with the intensity of martial arts and slowly descend with the grace of Qi-gong. In my class you will work near your edge while always listening and honoring your bodies. And while you are at it, find that sweet spot and enjoy the journey.”

Litz, M.S.


Litz’s class is one of the best yoga combination classes I’ve attended. Her positive energy and dedication to her craft makes me feel that I am in the right hands for training yoga. She makes the class so much fun by incorporating tai chi, martial arts as well as music. I wouldn’t call it a typical yoga class, but an innovative, modern, experimental trend of training. Litz makes sure that I work every single part of my body with no exception as well as every single aspect of a yoga training such as balance, alignment, grace, flexibility, power, strength and not to forget confidence. I highly recommend her class and I am happy to say that I always leave there wanting to do more.

Thanks Litz for your hard work and dedication!

Jasna Meshkova

Private Yoga in Los Angeles California

The Top 3 benefits of practicing yoga

Private Yoga in Los Angeles

The benefits of yoga include flexibility, tone, weight loss, and strength. We offer private yoga lessons. You’ll receive personalized coaching and advice during each private session rather than blend in with the crowd with group classes.

Below are the top three benefits of our Los Angeles private yoga sessions.

Benefit #1: Motivation
Yoga can be difficult and it’s easy to skip or shortchange the poses you don’t like when practicing on your own, or even worse, blow the whole thing off! Having a professional instructor who relies on you to be at a session on time and wants you to succeed can be very motivating. Knowing someone is going to help you every step of the way is one of the best motivational factors one could have. Our yoga instructor will make sure the workouts feel fresh by mixing the routine up every so often which will not only benefit the body, but it will keep you from becoming bored with it.

Benefit #2: Doing it right
We’ll make sure that you are performing all your movements correctly and customize the routine to suit your body. Not everyone’s body is suited to every movement and you won’t pressured as in a class environment to pursue poses that can potentially hurt you. You will get all the benefits of yoga without the potential pitfalls. I have had several clients injure themselves in group yoga classes, being pushed by overzealous teachers. That’s why I decided to offer private yoga training as part of our fitness offerings.

Benefit #3: Where and when it works for you
Our professional yoga instructor can come to your location at a time that works for both of you. You don’t need to worry about driving, getting there on time, parking, getting a ticket when your meter runs out, etc.

2-3 sessions per week recommended for best results.

Yoga In Your Los Angeles Home

There’s no escaping the popularity and growth of the yoga industry these days. From Hot Yoga to Aerial Yoga, Ashtanga to SUP, starting a yoga practice can be as challenging as pronouncing Adho Mukha Vrksasana (or headstand).

It can be quite intimidating attending your first yoga class. Between the often times confusing Sanskrit terminology, the abundance of spandex and the fact that you haven’t been able to touch your toes since you were 12 it’s no wonder so many people never take the first step toward learning the amazing benefits of yoga.

On the other hand, maybe you’re a more advanced student of yoga who is dealing with the frustration that your Level 3 class is being usurped by a more beginner element. And while yoga is an inclusive practice, your growth and advancement has become stagnant while teachers are forced to help new students so they don’t get hurt. In the meantime, you’re still paying for advanced classes that you’re no longer benefiting from.

As yoga becomes more and more popular, students old and new are finding that personal attention is becoming scarce. Students are learning poor habits and alignment simply because the class size is too large for the teacher to get to each student. Shivasana, the final and most restorative pose of any class, is now a time that is rushed through when it once was a relaxing posture that some teachers used to connect with their students on a personal level.

The benefits of starting a yoga practice, whether that is your sole means of exercise or a spiritual pursuit or a companion to your weight training or running regime, far outweigh the fear of spandex. But there is a way around this fear—private home practice.

With private yoga in Los Angeles you’re sessions will be tailored to your needs and goals. Rather than having to skip difficult or impossibly advanced poses during class your private yoga class will take into account your limitations with modifications and poses that will be of benefit. You’ll also be able to focus on learning new poses or mastering advanced postures like headstand, handstand, scorpion and pigeon pose.

To learn more about how yoga can enhance your body, mind and spirit contact us today. We’ll be happy to help you begin or grow your yoga skills with our supportive teacher in the comfort of your own home.

Los Angeles In Home Private Yoga

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