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If you are ready to make a lasting change to your body, it’s time you contacted us for a San Gabriel personal trainer. Jason Kozma’s High Performance training concept is a tried and true method of getting the results you want fast. In fact, 100% of his clients have lost weight and improved their overall health and wellness.

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Meet Mr. America Jason Kozma

The High Performance Program was designed by Mr. America, Jason Kozma. It is a unique overall conditioning program which integrates resistance training, cardio training, and a nutrition plan which promises dramatic results. The trainers at the San Gabriel Valley location are handpicked by Jason. Carefully selected after an intense evaluation, all have 10 years or more of experience and each are rigorously trained to become experts in the High Performance Method. Many of us tend to become complacent when it comes to working out. After time, when we don’t get the results we are after, we often give up and forgo our regimen. Jason’s program is specifically tailored to each individual’s unique needs; enhancing your experience and keeping you motivated. The High Performance Program is customized by Jason’s experienced trainers in order to keep you moving and kick your results into high gear.

Jason’s program works for everyone. The versatility of the High Performance Program enables the seasoned trainee or the first timer a chance to lose weight, gain muscle, and improve overall health. In fact on average an individual can lose approximately 20lbs in 8 weeks.

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With Jason Kozma’s physical fitness program, you will see results. It doesn’t matter if you need to gain muscle, lose weight or simply get into a shape that is healthy and appealing; he can help you like he has helped professional athletes, celebrities and even the guy or girl next door.

His physical fitness program combines all of the essentials to a better body. You’ll perform fat burning cardiovascular exercise, targeted weight training and even a custom designed nutritional regimen that puts your body on track to being the best that it can be.

It’s not just a workout regimen; the High Performance Program is designed for overall wellness. Besides weight loss (or gain depending on your personal needs), you can expect improved cardio vascular health, improved strength and stamina, a better self-image, as well as an overall enhanced mood. Check out the Before and After Photos and Client Testimonials  sections.So start working out with the best trainers on the west coast. We invite you to contact us  today and take the first step toward your total body transformation.

If you’re in Los Angeles and ready to be on your way to the body you’ve always wanted, contact us about our physical fitness program so we can help you get started.

San Gabriel Valley personal trainer locations:

Our local facilities are in Pasadena and Glendora. In home training in the area is also available.

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