Personal Trainer Sherman Oaks

Personal Trainer Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks Personal Trainer Works with All Types of People

Personal Trainer Sherman Oaks

To look at Larry, a High Performance Personal Training Team Captain, you’d assume he’s an expert in working with top athletes. He has the low bodyfat and muscular body of an experienced physique competitor. He can work with you a your home, gym, or in our training facility using tried-and-true weights, the newest fitness equipment, and cutting-edge personal fitness techniques.If you’re a high-powered competitor, he knows about improving your strength, speed and endurance. As an athlete himself, he understands the dedication and sacrifice needed to become the best at your sport. He’ll work with you on the most effective methods of improving your performance. But Larry also works with those simply interested in getting into shape or improving general health. He studied kinesiology in college and has worked with teens and the elderly. If your body prevents you from working out with a host of pains, Larry can find ways to minimize the effects of such common conditions as tendonitis, bulging discs, poor posture, or physical injuries. He works around your asthma, diabetes, and hypertension. His methods can reduce or eliminate the pain and increase the functions of your lower back, neck, or knees.

If you’re a non-athlete, Larry won’t subject you to the rigorous workouts needed for competition, until you’re ready. Instead, he’ll emphasize fun of doing things with your body and a lot of information about good health. You can start with a serious discussion of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it. Then he’ll map out a plan for your physical improvement based on your abilities.

So get started on the path to better sports performance, weight loss or beginning physical training. Contact us today.

Expect Great Results with our Sherman Oaks Personal Trainers

Personal Trainer Sherman Oaks - Larry at Musclemania California
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If you want to look great, lose weight, and firm and tone your muscles, you should sign up to train with one of the High Performance Personal Training Team. With personal trainers available near Sherman Oaks in the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica and Los Angeles, we have one that is close enough to you or we can easily come to your location and develop a program that will help you get in better shape than you ever thought possible before.


High Performance Team Leader Jason Kozma is a former Mr. America and Mr. Muscle Beach winner who is based out of Santa Monica. He has in excess of 20 years of experience helping clients lose fat, perform better, and increase confidence while building muscle, shape, and strength. Jason of course works with men and women alike, structuring his approach differently in order to help each person meet his or her individual goals. While men normally prefer to get ripped abs and build muscle, that’s not always the case with women, and Jason can help ladies lose fat, get back in their “skinny jeans”, become firmer and stronger while still looking feminine and curvaceous. For those men women who do want a more muscular appearance or even compete, Jason can help them achieve those goals as well. Many clients do indeed brave the traffic from Sherman Oaks to Santa Monica in order to have the privilege of training with Mr. America.

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Our closest gym facilities are in Woodland Hills and North Hollywood. In home personal training in the area is also available.

Private training with a High Performance Personal Trainer in your home gym, office gym or outdoors. Call to verify availability.


In home sessions with Jason himself are more, contact for details.

Your very own custom-designed weight training, cardio and nutrition plan created for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma himself. Learn more by clicking here.

Meal Delivery: Healthy, organic, Mr. America – approved meals delivered to your door.

Sherman Oaks personal trainers

Our High Performance Team Trainers near Sherman Oaks are Larry and Debby and is occasionally served by other team trainers including Sean or others. Those seeking VIP training can train with Jason at our Santa Monica headquarters. Debby’s gym is in North Hollywood and Woodland Hills and she is also available for in home or outdoor training in adjacent areas.

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