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Our Online Intensive 8 Week Weight Loss Program
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About my Los Angeles Boot Camp: This Intensive 8 Week Fitness Boot Camp Program combines our high intensity online workouts with my proven High Performance Weight Loss Nutritional Plan.   This is the same weight loss program used by all the clients on this website including Barry who lost 65 pounds!

The workouts are designed using minimal and common home exercise equipment you can easily get or fashion.  Workouts are created, scheduled and delivered through my exclusive Train With Mr. America app.  The diet is made up of normal foods you prepare on your own.

The 8 Week Intensive Boot Camp Program will completely change your life!

Sign up now and start creating a healthier, leaner, stronger and better you! Clients typically lose 20 pounds of fat in their first 8 weeks.

What’s Different About Our Los Angeles Fitness Boot Camp Workout?

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Mr. America Jason Kozma

If you’re tired of fad diets that don’t deliver on promises, it’s time to get results with a program that works. With Jason Kozma’s 8 Week Fitness Boot Camp Workouts and Intensive Fat Loss Nutritional Program, you’ll get the comprehensive support you need to reach your goals with two months of our unique workouts AND a 100% effective and safe weight loss nutritional plan created by Mr. America Jason Kozma. Also included is Mr. America’s complete lifestyle guide book and weekly coaching and more!

Personal Trainer and Mr. America title-holder Jason Kozma has developed an innovative program that combines resistance training, fat-burning cardio workouts, and balanced nutrition to transform both your body and self-image. Designed to encompass every aspect of health and weight loss, from the food you consume to your metabolic output, Jason’s complete program will help you become fit, strong, and healthy for good. Understanding that many clients have struggled with weight loss, Jason’s boot camp emphasizes high-energy motivation in an atmosphere of support to get you on track and in those skinny jeans.

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Everything is in the app!

Fitness Boot Camp Workouts

Our fat-shredding workouts take place in your home using our exclusive app.   You’ll participate in an energizing mix of strength training, core, flexibility and cardiovascular exercise designed to melt away the pounds quickly and safely.  Workouts are scheduled 3 days per week and you are given additional optional cardio and stretching routines to do on the off days.

Weight Loss Nutrition

Our 100 % effective weight loss nutritional plan is also delivered and tracked through the app.  It’s easy to follow and maintain.  You’ll lose fat easily and quickly.

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Typical results include:
  • A loss of 20 pounds of body fat in eight weeks or less
  • Doubling of strength
  • Tripling of cardiovascular capability
  • Just feeling great!

With a time-tested methodology, built-in support from Mr. America Jason Kozma himself, and a hefty dose of effort on your part, you’ll build and tone your muscles, lose fat, and increase energy for a leaner, healthier, and happier you.  Even if you’ve never had success getting in shape before, we guarantee our program will kick your butt and produce radical results.

Finally fulfill your goals and get strong, healthy and fit!


What’s the difference between Jason Kozma’s Intensive 8 Week Boot Camp Workout Program and what other boot camps provide?

  • Most boot camps and group exercise formats are cardio-based and take place in groups of people.  My app based workout is weight training done in at home, getting you the most effective body shaping and fat burning results you can get. In you want visible results and want them fast, this is the way to go. It includes the proven effective and safe High Performance Weight Loss Nutritional and Lifestyle Plan for the most rapid fat loss humanly possible!
  • The results of my program include rapid weight loss, greater energy and strength, improved confidence and immune function.
What if I want to build muscle and not just lose fat?
  • No problem. I can alter the workout and your nutritional plan for you.

Fitness Boot Camp Workout Program

  • 4 weeks online personal training program $379

    *$199 per month thereafter

  • 8 weeks online personal training program $459
    online personal training signup

    online personal training signup*$179 per month thereafter

  • 16 weeks online personal training program $629
    online personal training signup

    online personal training signup*$129 per month thereafter

Notes – Boot Camps come with:
  • Exercise and Workout Demonstration Videos and Photos
  • Schedule and Reminders
  • Healthy Fat Loss Nutritional Plan
  • Diet Monitoring and Updates
  • Recipes
  • Workouts You Can Do On Your Own
  • Measurements and Tracking Tools
  • Before and After Photos
  • In-app messaging with Jason himself!
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