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bikini contest coachingWhat does it take to participate in women’s bikini figure competitions? Is it something more than just looking great in a bikini? Ask any 5 people and you’ll probably get 10 different opinions. Some will say “great abs!” Others, “great chest!” Still others might say “definitely a great butt and legs!” Well, as Mr. America, Jason Kozma, would say “a great, overall toned and defined physique and positive attitude are what you need to compete and win a women’s bikini competition.” Why take Jason’s word on this? As a competitive bodybuilder, personal trainer and nutritional coach, Jason has had tremendous success with preparing his clients for all types of bodybuilding, figure and fitness competitions, not to mention his roster of professional athletes who train with him year-round.

Women’s Bikini and Figure Coaching

More and more women are committed to health and fitness these days. There are many great ways to get in shape and feel healthy. However, any serious fitness and figure competitor knows what the judges look for in competitions: toned, defined, balanced musculature, a lean physique and good proportion between legs, torso and arms. There’s only one way to achieve this type of physique: weight training. And there’s only one way to sculpt your body into the aesthetically pleasing shape a judge requires: serious personal commitment and a great trainer to help you accomplish this.

It All Starts with a Photo

Giannci: 1st runner up, 2010 NPC Musclecontest Bikini

If you want to learn more before making your decision, just send in a photo. Jason will give you an honest review of what he sees. He will tell you what he feels you need to work on to get your body in competition ready shape and he will also give you advice on the shows and divisions where you have the best chance. In addition, he will give you some idea of the changes you will soon see when you work with him.

Even if you’re not interested in competing, but just want to look like you are, then Kozma and his team can help you with that also. Choose from online personal training and nutrition, full time gym training or part time (1-2 sessions per week).

Jason has trained many successful women competitors including:

  • Diana (2011, NPC Tournament of Champions 1st runner-up)
  • Giannci (2010, NPC Musclecontest 1st runner-up)
  • Hanna (2008, Ms. Muscle Beach Figure Winner)
  • Lejla, (2006, Ms. Figure America Winner NABBA)
  • Karla (2005, Highland Half Marathon Champion) and
  • Gale (2003, Venice Muscle Classic Winner)

If you’re ready to be the next bikini and figure champion or even if you just want to look like one, contact us today and become a more beautiful you, tomorrow!

Some more of Jason’s Competitive Clients:

Don’t want to train with a dude? That’s sexist. But fine! Here you go…

Female Personal Trainers for Women’s Physique, Figure and Bikini Coaching

Just contact Jason to get signed up!


Bikini figure coach


Jason Kozma Contest History
Year Class Placing

Knoxville Bodybuilding Championships

1989 Teen 15-17 3rd

Tennessee Bodybuilding Championships

1989 Teen 15-17 3rd
Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championships 1990 Teen
Kentucky Derby Bodybuilding Championships 1991 Teen
Tennessee Valley
Bodybuilding Championships
1991 Teen
heavyweight, Novice light-heavyweight
1st and overall
teen, 1st novice
Southern States Bodybuilding Championships 1991 Teen
Orange County
Bodybuilding Championships
2003 Heavyweight 3rd
California State Bodybuilding Championships 2003 Heavyweight 3rd
San Francisco Bodybuilding Championships 2004 Heavyweight 2nd
Mr. America
Bodybuilding Championships
2004 Heavyweight 1st
Mr. Muscle Beach Bodybuilding Championships 2007 Super

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