Weight Training for Seniors

Weight Training for Seniors
David – client at 79 years young

I really enjoy training older people. Today’s seniors are full of life, many still work or own businesses, and they are passionate about healthy living. That’s why I created a personal training and lifestyle program for people over 65 to help them slow down their aging process.

When people ask me if it’s too late for them to start working out in their 60’s, I say, you are never too old to attain positive results from exercise.

It is true that we can’t stop the clock from ticking but recent studies show that we can alter the rate at which our bodies age. And I think it’s pretty awesome! Some of my senior clients are in better shape and health than people in their 30s and 40s!  Recent studies prove that between the ages of 30 and 70 many of the symptoms and conditions that were traditionally associated with normal aging are in fact the result of sedentary lifestyles.

Senior Fitness Guidelines

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seniors 65 and up should incorporate on both strength training and aerobic activity to improve health and wellness.  They advise a goal about 150 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity per week.  They claim this can be done in increments of 10 minutes to avoid fatigue.

heart healthRegular exercise as part of our lifestyle can improve the heart and respiratory functions, lower blood pressure, increase strength, improve bone density, improve flexibility, reduce body fat, increase muscle mass, and reduce senior’ susceptibility to depression and disease.

As an expert in senior fitness, I want my clients to know that you shouldn’t be intimidated by my big muscles and bodybuilding background. I’m here to help guide you to your optimum health with nutrition and fitness advise, and regular workouts. I and my training team know how to work around injuries, movement limitations and other issues. We can help you in the following areas:

Weight Training Benefits

  • Postural correction
  • Core strength
  • Functional strength
  • Build muscle
  • Avoid bone loss
  • Energy
  • Flexibility work

Our custom designed workouts are tailored for seniors to help them improve balance, flexibility and muscle strength.

Benefits of weight training for seniors with my anti-aging lifestyle program:

Strength exercises to build muscles and increase metabolism, which helps keep your weight and most importantly, blood sugar in check.

Balance exercises build muscles and help prevent falls. According to the NIH, U.S. hospitals have 300,000 admissions for broken hips each year, many of them seniors, and falling is often the cause of those fractures. Balance exercises can help you avoid problems as you get older and can help you stay independent by helping you avoid the disabilities that could result from falling.

Stretching can help you with freedom of movement and allow you to be more active and independent.

Nutritional guidance to reduce inflammation (a major cause of aging damage) and to boost the metabolism.

Endurance exercises like walking or jogging, and even swimming increase your heart rate and breathing for an extended period of time.

Training programs are available at one of our gym or studio locations as well as in home training. What are you waiting for? Call today!

Vitamin D – More Important Than We thought!

Get your parents and grandparents on Vitamin D right away!

Did you know that there is a certain vitamin that can increase your lifespan just by getting enough of a certain vitamin?

There is an essential vitamin the body needs that can decrease the chances of death by quite some time.

The vitamin that can lower the risk of death, especially to those sixty-five years old and beyond, is Vitamin D, also called the “sunshine vitamin.” Vitamin D is produced by your body when it is exposed to the sun for a decent amount of time. This vitamin has been in the news more than ever recently because of the astounding effects is has on the human body. It has been reported that Vitamin D plays a huge role in preventing diseases to those of any age. It is absolutely vital that you get prioritize getting enough of this vitamin into your system, especially if you are older.

If a person is over the age of sixty-five and has a Vitamin D deficiency, the chances of dying from heart disease is more than three hundred percent than those with a healthy amount of Vitamin D. Yes, D3 is just as good.

Aging and Back Pain

It’s a Myth!

You’ve come to accept that with age comes an aching back. You recall that when you were younger, your elderly relatives all complained about that problem. Now that you’re in your senior years, you know exactly how they feel. You’ve considered an invasive and expensive operation to fix your back but have neither the money nor the courage to go through with it. And you’re not interested in pumping your body full of drugs to get better.

The truth is back problems are not a consequence of age. Instead, decades of misuse and poor posture just catch up with you. In addition, because your back hurts, you don’t feel like exercising, which leads to lack of use, further amplifying the problem. The good new is that most people with back pain can fully recover using non-invasive procedures or drugs, according to Jack Stern, MD, and author of Ending Back Pain: 5 Powerful Steps to Diagnose, Understand and Treat Your Ailing Back.

The cure must always start with a visit to your doctor. Only he can tell you if something serious is wrong with your back. He may even recommend a trip to the physical therapist to get your on the road to wellness. Be sure and ask if strength training with a qualified personal trainer is a god idea. If he says yes, then our personal trainers can address your issues in at least three ways.

3 Ways Our Personal Trainers Can Relieve Your Back Pain

1. Teach you how to use your back correctly. Much of the pain may be caused by poor posture, such as by slouching in a chair instead of sitting up straight, or lifting heavy objects with your back instead of using your legs. A slight change of your old habits may yield measurable improvement.

2. Strengthen your abs. Your back muscles don’t keep your torso erect all by themselves. Your ab muscles also bear that responsibility. Weak abs force more of the burden of lifting your upper torso on the back, which stresses it more and may cause pain. Strengthening the abs can relieve the pressure on your back.

3. Strengthen your back. This is the obvious way in which exercise relieves back pain. A stronger back helps you more easily bear the stresses of daily life. Even if you decide to exercise on your own, you can easily neglect the back because this body part is not as showy as bulging biceps or six-pack abs.

An added benefit of exercise, according to Dr. Stern, is that it releases endorphines, which are the feel-good chemicals of your body. Increased activity also improves the strength in the rest of your body and increases flexibility, all of which relieves pressure on the spine.

As your personal trainers, we won’t just throw you into some equipment and expect you to know what to do. We’ll assess your fitness by asking you questions and having you go through some physical tests designed to gauge your ability to move. Then, we’ll tailor an exercise program based on improving your back and whatever physical goals you may have, such as losing weight. We’ll also measure your progress, which can motivate you to keep up with your exercise regimen. Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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