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hot housewife

When I started working with Jason and Morgan I wanted to lose about 5 – 10 pounds.

I thought I would just tone up, and feel more energetic. I started out going through the motions at first, and complaining about not getting to eat my favorite foods.

I did not follow the nutritional recommendations, until I finally just decided to give in to it one day.

After about the 3rd workout I noticed how much more energy I had, and the weight just came off easily!

I then noticed a significant change in my body shape and definition, and others took notice as well.

I am now at a size 0, and I am feeling as young as I did in high school!!

I get compliments from everyone, and I feel hot!!

Morgan is a great trainer. He is fun, energetic, and caring. He always makes sure you are getting what you need, and feeling pain where you need to! He changes things up so you are never bored, and before you know it, your hour is up, and you feel ready to take on the day.

This has been such a life affirming experience, and I am so glad I met both Jason and Morgan, and I thank them for giving me a model’s body, and what I plan on being a life time commitment to great health!

Janis: from 137 lbs at 25% bodyfat to 122 lbs at 15.5% bodyfat

lost 15 lbs in 8 weeks

Jason is an excellent Trainer! I would recommend him for and sports or any physically related goal. I came to Jason to increase my speed and body shape. I compete in half marathons and shorter distance races. I am a sponsored athlete, and my career relies on appearance and performance. Speed and looking good is very important to me. Jason designed me a diet and exercise program to help trim me up and improve my running. He also provides something that was that made all the right information work, and that was more motivation and focus on my goals. Working with Jason on a weekly basis kept me very focus and motivated. I live in Riverside (1:30 min drive from LA) so most of what we did was over the internet through email. I was able to contact him for questions and feedback on my routine and progress several times a week. Also, I would drive to LA 1-2 times per month to see Jason.

online fitness training results

Thanks Jason. I’ve been very happy with your online personal training program.

I have been looking for awhile for a program to get back into shape after years of working at a desk job. I have always been into sports and have a fair amount of fitness knowledge, but have never been able to put together an effective program on my own.

The personal trainers at the gyms also didn’t have the knowledge to get the type of results that I and most other people are looking for.

I lost about 25 lbs in 12 weeks on your program and got down to 5 percent body fat at age 40. My waist went from 34.5” to 28.5”. Your knowledge of diet and how it affects the body is phenomenal.

What I learned will have a lasting impact on the way I eat in the future.

The only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to work out with you personally.

I am sure there is a lot more I can learn from you.

Even after following a fairly demanding fat loss program for 12 weeks, five days later after you changed the diet I went on to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with no problem.

I felt fine the whole way and had plenty of energy.

I fully recommend you to anyone and look forward to training with you in the future.


12 week weight loss

model personal trainer

I was a trainer myself, but I wanted somebody to really push me and KNEW what they were talking about, and when I met Jason I knew that I was with the right one, there is nobody that knows it like him! It is not just about working out 1hr every couple of days with him it is about diet and serious commitment, I have to say he is the best at what he does, and I have not been in better shape! It has been a year of training with him and not only have I had a blast doing it, I am still seeing constant improvements!

Tiffanei, Actress, Model

model trainer

lovie jung

US Olympic and Professional Women’s softball player for Arizona Heat

Its been great working with Jason with weight training, exercise and mostly nutrition. How much I did not know what a lifestyle change it would be. But it has been great. I started working with Jason a couple of years ago and have been able to maintain my exercise regimen as well as my nutrition. What a difference it makes. When he first gave me my nutrition plan I thought he was crazy, and that he was, but it all worked.


US Olympic team

131 to 113 in 8 weeks

Dear Jason-
Thank you. Your program is the best.

With your help, I have radically improved my health, changed my lifestyle, and toned my body. I am now in the best shape I have ever been in!

Because of this experience, I have decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer so I can help others.

I was a serious asthmatic, and a heavy smoker . Off the record, several Doctors told me I was several years from being on oxygen.

I had lots of stress in my life, I was constantly juggling many things like kids, school, work etc… and needless to say, I let myself go.

I was out of shape, very ill and feeling terrible.

I decided I needed to help myself- I quit smoking, and basically began to rehabilitate myself. That’s when I joined your online training and nutrition program. Having never worked with a Personal Trainer especially via the Internet, I was skeptical. I took the chance, and I’m here to say, the results speak for themselves. I am off all of my medications, I can now run about 4 miles a day. I am toned, have lots of energy, and basically feel great!

Sincerely, Maryann

bikini ready at 40

Turning 40 ain’t easy! But thanks to you Jason, my body is feeling healthier and stronger than anytime in the last decade, and of course that positively affects my attitude and outlook also. My previously serious low back condition is entirely gone. I have had no back pain since we started training together. I didn’t believe that training would help my back, but in fact not only do I have no pain, but I have surprised myself as to my back strength.

A few weeks ago, I was driving my Volvo and ran out of gas. It was night time and I was barefoot. I had to get my car out of the way of traffic. So instinctively, I jumped out of the car and started pushing. Well, I had to push it uphill, to the side of the street, to avoid traffic, in bare feet no less (with no traction). Before I knew it, I had done it. It was a snap. I didn’t consider until later, that I could never had done that without training with you. My body responded great.

Even now, when I miss a workout or two, my body feels worse. My overall attitude and body are lethargic when I don’t train. I’m going to stick with what works, and that’s to keep training with you. THANKS JASON!
John L. Tabb; Father, Real estate developer

Training with Jason has taught me not just what exercises to do but how to make sure I do them correctly. He not only makes sure that you are on the correct overall workout, but he also knows the small details, such as grip and stance, that can make a big difference. As a result, I feel better both psychologically and physically. More importantly, Jason takes the guesswork out of working out and provides motivation. I have worked out with other trainers and what makes Jason unique is his ability to tailor an appropriate workout for different clients. Not everyone’s body is the same and Jason’s appreciation of this allows his clients to see maximum gains.

Eric Grossman, Writer


Jason Kozma’s training sessions are tough, demanding, brutal and EVERYTHING my body needs! Jason knows and understands the muscles; how they react and respond to weight training.

Most trainers train a client the way they train themselves, regardless of that clients specific needs. Jason sat with me before our sessions began to discuss my particular and individual goals. With these goals in mind, he set up a personal, tailored program to achieve maximum benefits for my body type.

I have a back and neck problem and we have been able to successfully work around it while still focusing on the muscles and areas that need strengthening without damaging my back.

Other trainers have ignored my pleas for a varied fitness routine, or alternate exercises with respect to my neck & back issues. This would only frustrate me and cause more discomfort and pain.

I’ve already lost one dress size and I am starting to feel good about myself again. Jason has helped me integrate working out and diet as a lifestyle.

Taylor Van Arsdale, Singer, Filmmaker

At age 46, with three young kids, I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle to emphasize longevity. Jason has changed my lackadaisical attitude towards weight training by vigorously motivating me through every workout, along with his expert nutritional advice to assure consistent improvement. I’ve never felt stronger or healthier in my life! Plus, my kids keep calling me “Buff Bagwell” (I hope that’s a good thing)
Thanks, Jason!

Rick Silver, Father, Optometrist

Strong Dad

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