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6 weeks weight loss

If you’re looking to get into great shape and fast Jason is the personal trainer to see. I have always been active, but had never used a trainer. Recently I underwent foot surgery and was confined to bed rest for nearly a month. When I was able to walk, my range of motion was very limited and I realized that I had gained some weight from being sedentary.
I found Jason while surfing the web and decided to book an appointment. Jason was very careful to work around and with my limitations (foot). I was very impressed with his conscientiousness towards my safety. Over the next 6 weeks he kept me motivated and his discipline regarding diet actually rubbed off. This in itself is a small feat as I had many social functions including my wedding and I still managed to stick to Jason’s diet plan. He really stays on top of how you’re doing and does his best to help you succeed with your goals.
I am extremely pleased with my results and feel like I am in the best shape of my life. If you’re serious about getting healthier and thinner – Jason is the trainer for you.

Best Wishes,
Laura: Lost 11 pounds in 6 weeks

6 weeks bikini program

fitness coach review

When I began training with Jason I wanted to lose some weight but more importantly I wanted to be forced to go to the gym on a consistent basis (at least for 8 weeks).

Training with Jason I achieved much more! I have lost over 15 lbs and gained muscle, strength and confidence. Now, I enjoy going to the gym and exercising. I even started running.

I recently completed my first 5K and plan to continue to pursue new sports, new challenges and continue my new healthy lifestyle.

Thanks Jason!
Liz, Attorney

After a highly frustrating, prolonged 3 1/2 month fitness plateau and the inability of three different personal trainers and a registered nutritionist to get me back on track to achieve the results I desired, I came across Jason’s website while researching solutions to my dilemma. Jason’s fitness philosophy seemed to good to be true.

Still skeptical but with an attitude of “nothing ventured, nothing gained”, I booked an LA Body session with him. From the get-go Jason was extremely confident that his individually tailored nutritional plan and fitness workout would get results. Well….. words are one thing, tangible results are another and 2 1/2 months later I’ve lost 18 pounds and 11 1/2 inches.

I believe in Jason’s ability to read the body and trust in his knowledge to come up with a healthy formula to transform it accordingly. OK Jason, it seems you DO rule!!

Joanne Mitchell

It seemed that no matter how hard I exercised or dieted, I never seemed to look the way I wanted to. One afternoon, I noticed that my neighbor (who had 2 small children) looked wonderful. She looked so trim and fit. I commented on how great she looked, and she told me about her personal trainer, Jason Kozma. I had known other friends that had personal trainers and I never saw much difference in their appearance. Seeing such a dramatic change in my neighbor’s appearance in such a short period of time, I decided to take the next step.

I am a 48 year old mother of three children. I gave myself and Jason Kozma the ultimate challenge. I had 6 weeks until our family Hawaiian summer vacation, and I wanted to wear a bikini! We did it! With Jason’s professional guidance and constant encouragement, my personal dream came true! I have decided that I am going to continue with Jason Kozma’s personal training so that I may continue being fit, and build my stamina to make my everyday work easier on my body. I want to continue living my dream.

My husband was so impressed with my incredible transformation, he decided to do something about his health and appearance. He also decided to train with Jason. He feels much healthier and fit, and he looks really good too! This is the best thing we have done for ourselves. We made the investment in our health and our bodies for our family and ourselves.

Thank you Jason, for your incredible expertise!

Paulette Silver, Wife, Mother, Massage Therapist

personal trainer testimonial

I’ve had an opportunity to train with 5 different trainers across the country, in Washington D.C., New York, Denver and Los Angeles, and let me honestly tell you, it’s only since I’ve worked with Jason that I’ve seen this tremendous progress. In just five weeks I’ve put on 17 pounds. I’ve had to go out and buy new clothes having literally ripped out of my old shirts.

Jason is the only trainer I’m aware of who not only customizes my training and nutrition to my specific needs and goals but also to how my body is changing and responding to training. Each workout is different, and each workout brings results you can see. Jason’s ability to adapt my workout and nutrition to my changing needs means continued progress too.

If you ever hope to achieve the goals you have in the way you look, whatever those individual goals may be, you owe it to yourself to work with Jason. You will see results. I stake my reputation on it.

David G. DiFrancesco Counselor/Therapist, Minister, NPC Judge, personal trainer P.S. Jason ,I had to write to tell you of something that just happened.

I’ve been training with you for just a month and this past weekend I walked into my old gym. Another trainer there came over and couldn’t believe it was me. He actually hadn’t recognized me at first. He remarked at how much bigger I had become and actually wanted to know what I was on! Well, I’d be the first to admit a 13 pound gain in just a month looks ‘suspicious’, but all it took was consistently training with you and following exactly the nutrition program you put me on. No drugs, just my willingness to follow what you tell me to do. And to tell you the truth, I’ve actually ripped out of three shirts so far. I haven’t seen gains like this in a long time and it feels great! Thanks a lot!

David DiFrancesco

over 50 before and after

Almost five years ago I gained 15 pounds while doing chemotherapy for breast cancer. This was not unusual for women doing the type of chemo I did, though it was partly caused by “feeling sorry for myself” overindulgence. I didn’t worry about it at the time because I’d always been fit, and I had rapidly lost weight after two pregnancies. However, the chemo also put me into early menopause. I found I was not able to shed the pounds as easily as in the past.

Nothing worked. I tried Atkins, but that made me feel like I was doing chemo again – I slowed way down during aerobic workouts. I just didn’t have any energy.

Then I discovered Jason Kozma’s web pages and decided to sign up for his online personal training. Right away he developed a personalized diet and workout routine for me. He increased the number of my aerobic workout sessions slightly and added several weight training sessions per week. I particularly liked his diet. I ate often and I ate foods that I liked and were good for me. I had lots of energy. My bike and swim times actually improved on the diet.

Recently I celebrated my 52nd birthday and I am also about to celebrate the fifth anniversary of completing chemotherapy. My weight is within 2 pounds of my “pre-chemo” weight! I am much stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been. I owe it all to Jason’s program. I recommend it very highly.

Jason, you are my hero! Thank you so much!

Diane – Research Engineer
Age 52 lost 17 lbs in 8 weeks

online fitness training client

Training with Jason is changing my body and the way I feel about myself. I never thought I could become as strong as I have already, and it feels great. Jason really understands how to start where you are and work up in a way that is both challenging and rewarding.

Working out with Jason is an important ingredient in my general well-being, as well as my improved appearance.

Julie Goodman, Writer

Before contacting Jason Kozma, I had a consultation with a plactic surgeon about getting liposuction. The quote was rather high and I came to the conclusion that if I had the surgery, I might become thinner, but I would still feel the same blah attitude I had come to accept as normal. I decided to sweat off the pounds and build muscle.
Fast forward to six months later.

I had, indeed, sweated off about 20 pounds (kind of hard to say if that is the exact number of fat pounds I lost since I was doing a rather rigorous muscle training routine.) I lost 4 inches from my waist. My arms went from 11.5 inches to about 15.5 inches. My quads are pushing 22 inches. My abs are on the verge of popping out. I decided to go clubbing on July 4th and show off a little of my new body. I wore a very flattering muscle shirt and a pair of jeans. While I was on the dance floor, I turned around and to my surprise, the plastic surgeon I had the consultation with so many months before was dancing behind me. I said hello and then realized it clicked in his mind who I was. He proceeded to tell me he was sorry I didn’t choose him for my surgery. I was flabbergasted. He thought I had actually underwent surgery. I cannot even explain how flattered I was. I proceeded to tell him I had not had the surgery, but hired a trainer and nutritionist instead. He leaned in closer and said, “That’s the best way to do it.”

So, forget plastic surgery. I’d rather be buff and lean than just thin and sucked out. I’ll take a trainer any day.

Thank You Jason.
Sincerely, Guy D. Wells

taylor wane

Jason Kozma’s diet program really helped me get my eating habits in check. It was hard at first to eat so many times a day but the results came quick once I dedicated myself to following his plan .

I lost the extra lbs that I wanted to lose for a show in the time I needed. I felt so much better after just a few weeks and have incorporated the eating plan into my eating lifestyle.


weight loss nutrition

The training sessions were great and I wish so much you could be in Sydney to train me. I was extremely happy with the results!


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