Is Organic Food Better for Weight Loss?

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More and more foods these days are laden with pesticides, herbicides and GMOs, and my clients have been asking if all those chemicals affect their weight gain. I believe that to lose weight in the most healthy way and maintain a lean body, you have to not only cut out all the processed foods, but also focus on eating more and more organic fruits, veggies and meats. Doctors have been citing studies that show organic foods are more nutrient dense because they were grown in healthy soil. It makes a … Continue reading


All Calories Are Not Created Equal – Part 1

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Let’s see how nutritionally smart you are.  If you follow me, or my blog, you know I’m an advocate of eating 5+ small meals a day.  Depending upon where you are with your target goals – weight loss, muscle weight gain or physique and health maintenance, you may be allowed 1-2 healthy snacks per day. This is where it can get complicated. What’s my idea of a healthy snack versus a client’s idea of a healthy snack?  We both agree, all snacks must meet these criteria: Healthy 100 calories or less Nutritious Filling … Continue reading


Why Exercise Matters – Los Angeles Weight Loss

Successful weight loss can be frustrating and difficult for even the best of us. What foods should I eat? What foods should I not eat? And how important is exercise when I am trying to lose weight? Successful weight loss involves two things: proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Health and fitness professional Jason Kozma has the experience to help you in both areas! As a certified sport nutritionist, Jason can help you design a nutrition program to meet your needs. Contact him to set up a consultation today. This post focuses … Continue reading


Turn Off the TV to Lose Weight – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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Turn Off the TV to Lose Weight Do you eat in front of the TV? If so, then you’re likely consuming excess calories resulting in you gaining weight. New studies show that eating while doing something else results in eating as much as 40% more calories per day. Only eat during dedicated mealtimes to help you lose weight more easily. Which reminds me….portion control! NEVER EAT OUT OF A FOOD CONTAINER! I MEAN IT! Put a proper portion of food on your plate or in your bowl. Chew slowly and … Continue reading


Defeat Your Sweet Tooth! – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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Exercise is a key factor in losing weight, but the foods you use as fuel is responsible for how efficient your exercises will be as well as how much fat is being stored in your body. The main problem people face when deciding to eat healthier is their sweet tooth. Having a sweet tooth simply means you have a large craving for a sugary substance, whether it is a food or beverage. It is an unfortunate truth that people who succumb to the desires of their sweet tooth end up … Continue reading