Strength Training To Reverse Aging? Yes!

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Kristina looks 10 years younger in her after photo (minus 12 pounds too)! I always chuckle when I hear how advertisements claim that creams and beauty products reverse aging. Because the only thing that can truly turn the clock back is your diet and your workout routine. Aging is not about a couple wrinkles on your forehead, it’s about loss of muscle and deficit in muscular strength, including diminishing ability to perform daily activities. Typically, these changes begin at around age 40 and progressively worsen with aging. How Exercise Slows … Continue reading


How to stay young forever…and it’s not how you think

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How To Stay Young Once we enter our fourth decade, many of us start to worry about how to stay young. The August issue of Vogue magazine proclaimed “getting and staying in shape in your 40’s is the new midlife crisis.” Have you joined the big trend yet? It’s never to late to start but the sooner you begin and the more consistent you are, the greater your long-term rewards. An active lifestyle is really an investment not just in a great body but also in your youth and wellness. … Continue reading