My Secrets to Looking Lean and Toned

personal trainer Malibu

The good news is that anyone can look great if they set their mind to achieving that goal. The tricky part is that unlike many people think, you have to eat a lot to lose that body fat and grow lean muscle. Because just exercising is not enough. Training alone won’t even get you halfway to being lean and achieving the results you want. Want to know the secrets? I tell my clients that there is no secret and no magic to a beautiful body. It’s all about hard work … Continue reading

Bodybuilders Fat Loss Secrets

Mr. America Jason Kozma

Why train with a bodybuilder? The secrets other trainers don’t want you to know. “I don’t want big muscles, I just want to tone,” personal trainers across the country hear this from new clients every day. Especially after overeating during holidays, people make New Year’s resolutions and flock to the gyms hoping for a magic pill or maybe a secret on how to get their bodies in shape. Secrets Revealed “There is no secret to a great body,” insists Jason Kozma, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer who molds his clients … Continue reading