Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Santa Monica and Nearby Workouts Outside the Gym by Mr. America


Santa Monica Rings If you like a really challenging exercise at the beach, then take a shot at the Santa Monica Rings at the old Muscle Beach. You can do quite a few exercises here, all of which are really hard! Do knee raises, pull-ups, or simply Tarzan-swing back and forth. Just swinging from ring to ring is quite the challenge for the average exerciser. If you can lift yourself to a pike position you are in an exceptional class of relative strength. — Walk the Santa Monica Stairs The … Continue reading


Workout For The Day – Santa Monica Stairs

Go for 10 sets: Just to be clear, going up and down is one set. Or down and up. You can’t call going down and up as 2 sets! Do the 10 sets walking, not running. Stretch hamstrings, quadriceps and calves at the top each time. Finish with 100 crunches on the grassy area in the middle of 4th near Adelaide. Want to target your glutes more? Here are 3 ways to work more glutes on the Santa Monica stairs: Make an effort to hinge at your hip with step … Continue reading