Hot Dogs: Still not good for you! – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

(Los Angeles, CA July 9, 2012) – Every year on July 4th America does not only celebrate the day of independence, but also takes part in the International Hot Dog Eating Contest. In 2012, a man from California managed to take the prize by eating sixty-eight hot dogs in under ten minutes. This means that he consumed roughly twenty thousand calories, over one thousand grams of fat, fifty thousand milligrams of sodium, and about four hundred grams of saturated fat. As you might have assumed, this is not healthy at … Continue reading

Exercise Your Right to Happiness – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

exercise happiness

EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO HAPPINESS (SANTA MONICA, CA May 30, 2012) – Are you as happy as you should be? Statistics from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Better Life Index show that most people are not. Every year in about thirty-six countries, a survey is conducted in order to find out how satisfied people are with their lives. The statistics are determined by factors that include health care, social networking, economical prosperity, and employment. The United States did not even make it onto the list for the top … Continue reading