How to Have a Healthier Dinner – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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Having a variety of food on your dinner plate does not always mean you’re getting a healthier dinner. There are many factors that determine whether or not a dinner is considered healthy, such as the amount of calories and the quality of the food itself. For those of you looking to lose weight or to be healthier in general, follow the 5 tips below so you can make a truly healthy dinner every night. 5 Healthier Dinner Tips Tip #1: Make sure you purchase high quality food. Get organic or … Continue reading

(Personal Trainer Los Angeles) 6 Weight Loss Snacks

If you’re looking to lose weight, then you may know snacking is one of the best ways to keep your metabolic rate high throughout the day. Although it can be good for you, too much of a good thing can have its consequences. Excessive snacking will not only add extra pounds to your stomach, but can completely ruin your weight loss results thus far. Below are six pieces of advice to keep in mind when it comes to snacking. Tip #1: Stay Clear of Low Calorie Snack Packs Stores are … Continue reading

Focus On The Positive, Not The Negative – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

“I can’t lose weight”… If the sentence above describes your mindset, then you will never lose weight. Instead, focus on shedding your first five pounds. People need to realize that thinking about losing weight just will not cut it. Pun intended! Staring at the scale hoping your weight will decrease is not going to help in the least. You need to make a choice. Right here, right now. Do you want to lose weight? Live in the body you have always dreamed of? Then do I have some good news … Continue reading

Hollywood Fitness Vacation

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When you think of fit and beautiful people, what comes to mind? I bet you immediately think of Hollywood movie stars and red carpets! Los Angeles has always been the capital of glamour, fitness and everlasting beauty. So if the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous is something you would like to have, consider LA for a fitness vacation. Because looking like money is the new status symbol no matter where you live. If you are ready for this, read on. A fitness vacation is unlike any other. You … Continue reading

Bodybuilders Fat Loss Secrets

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Why train with a bodybuilder? The secrets other trainers don’t want you to know. “I don’t want big muscles, I just want to tone,” personal trainers across the country hear this from new clients every day. Especially after overeating during holidays, people make New Year’s resolutions and flock to the gyms hoping for a magic pill or maybe a secret on how to get their bodies in shape. Secrets Revealed “There is no secret to a great body,” insists Jason Kozma, a Los Angeles-based personal trainer who molds his clients … Continue reading

Get In Shape on Vacation

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Experts say that jump-starting a new fitness regime is actually easier on vacation because you are not tempted by a full refrigerator or a cookie jar in the kitchen. Trainers believe that a Vacation Setting can be the deal setting for beginning a new fitness lifestyle as you are not surrounded by your normal dietary pitfalls and bad habits. A professional personal trainer can assist you in making the right food choices – information which will help you take off pounds and keep them off. This is how to have … Continue reading

Vitamin D and Weight Loss

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Everyone these days seems to be talking about Vitamin D. It’s been a hot topic especially since Vitamin D deficiency is so widespread and is now linked to osteoporosis, depression, cancer, diabetes, and even weight loss. So what does it do for our bodies? It’s been known for many years that vitamin D is critical to the health of our bones and teeth, but what we now know about D’s role in our health is quite new. • Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but a precursor hormone, the … Continue reading

How you can get lean like a fitness model

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Have you been stuck with those last 5-10 pounds that won’t come off? Learn from physique althetes on how to get that 6 pack! There are no “celebrity weight loss secrets”. It’s all about hard work in the gym and discipline when it comes to food. But what does it mean? Another fad diet? Fast weight loss diet? No carbs? Calorie restriction? Days at the gym lifting heavy weights? Bodybuilders, fitness models and the like eat much more calories that people realize. Instead of starving the weight off, which only … Continue reading


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The holidays are long gone. New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten. And we are once again lamenting that those “extra ten pounds” just won’t go away. LA health and fitness expert Jason Kozma says he gets more questions on losing the last 10 pounds than on any other fitness-related subject. “Losing the last ten pounds is very possible,” he says. “It’s just most people don’t want to hear that it takes a combination of diet and exercise to get rid that extra fat.” Kozma who sculpted the bodies of athletes … Continue reading