The Importance of Recovery Days


As your Los Angeles Personal Trainer, I can attest to the fact that getting ripped isn’t just about pumping iron. Planned rest and recovery days are vital to your muscle development. Most new clients don’t realize how the human body works.  What we do when we train is we break down the muscle tissue.  All of the gains in tone, firmness, strength, muscle size and metabolism building comes from the recovery period – that’s the days and nights after the actual workout.  Your body’s mechanism for self-repair is what gives us the results … Continue reading

Los Angeles Personal Trainer Reveals 3 Secrets To Great Abs


Looking for a lean, toned stomach? As a personal trainer, this is what most new clients ask me for. This is considered as the ultimate goal in most fitness plans but this so hard to do for most people no matter how much they exercise. You may have tried doing tons of abdominal exercises and given up and I wouldn’t blame you for doing this. You have to forget about just doing crunches because this alone won’t give you rock hard abdominals. The idea that crunches alone can give you … Continue reading

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Santa Monica and Nearby Workouts Outside the Gym by Mr. America


Santa Monica Rings If you like a really challenging exercise at the beach, then take a shot at the Santa Monica Rings at the old Muscle Beach. You can do quite a few exercises here, all of which are really hard! Do knee raises, pull-ups, or simply Tarzan-swing back and forth. Just swinging from ring to ring is quite the challenge for the average exerciser. If you can lift yourself to a pike position you are in an exceptional class of relative strength. — Walk the Santa Monica Stairs The … Continue reading

The Difference Between Being Physically Active and Physically Fit

bikini ready

Exercise is an important life changing commitment each of us should stick to. Not only will you lose excess weight and look good from working out regularly, but your immune system will be strengthened and you’ll have more energy than ever before. Just getting your standard three to four workout sessions per week for twenty minutes each day could dramatically change your life. How To Get Fit Most people know all of the health benefits that come with exercise, yet they still come up with every excuse in the book … Continue reading