Focus On The Positive, Not The Negative – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

“I can’t lose weight”… If the sentence above describes your mindset, then you will never lose weight. Instead, focus on shedding your first five pounds. People need to realize that thinking about losing weight just will not cut it. Pun intended! Staring at the scale hoping your weight will decrease is not going to help in the least. You need to make a choice. Right here, right now. Do you want to lose weight? Live in the body you have always dreamed of? Then do I have some good news … Continue reading

Hot Dogs: Still not good for you! – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

(Los Angeles, CA July 9, 2012) – Every year on July 4th America does not only celebrate the day of independence, but also takes part in the International Hot Dog Eating Contest. In 2012, a man from California managed to take the prize by eating sixty-eight hot dogs in under ten minutes. This means that he consumed roughly twenty thousand calories, over one thousand grams of fat, fifty thousand milligrams of sodium, and about four hundred grams of saturated fat. As you might have assumed, this is not healthy at … Continue reading

Fit People Earn Higher Incomes! – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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(Los Angeles, CA June 16, 2012) – Exercise can actually help you earn a higher income. How is this possible? Cleveland State University published a study that reported that those who exercise at least three hours per week will earn at least ten percent more than those who are inactive. Although there is a link between a person’s activity level and earning a higher income, at this point it is mostly speculation. There is a link though, that part has been proven. Getting the required amount of exercise will naturally … Continue reading

Personal Trainer Los Angeles | Is Your Fitness Plan Intelligent?

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So you have finally started exercising, or have been exercising for awhile now, but there is something that isn’t quite right about your routine. It may be that you haven’t lost much weight, haven’t grown much muscle, or after every workout you feel extremely sore and are developing pains that persist beyond normal soreness. If either of the previous statements sounds like you, then you may have an unbalanced fitness plan. There are correct ways and incorrect ways to perform an exercise. To get the most out of a routine … Continue reading