3 Simple Weight Loss Tips – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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Daylight savings time is finally here. The days are getting longer, the sun is out later. Time to get out of hibernation and mix up your workout routine. Have you spent your winter cardio routine stuck on a treadmill or stationary bike?  Get outside and go for a run, a bike ride, a swim or a hike.  Near a body of water?  Try rowing or stand up paddleboard (SUP).  Snow still piled on the ground where you live? Why not head out for some cross country skiing or snowshoeing?  You don’t need an expensive lift … Continue reading

Sitting can kill you – here’s how to stay alive and healthy – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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(SANTA MONICA, CA November 14, 2014) A new study has revealed that sitting for long periods of time can actually be the cause of your death. Those is the United States are the main concern as millions of Americans can be classified as “couch potatoes,” meaning they sit on one place for a long stretches of time watching television. Of course, this can also apply to those who spend hours and hours working on a computer. The Physical Activity Council has recently released a survey that indicates that the inactivity … Continue reading

Optimal Fitness

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Maintaining Optimal Fitness – Diet and Exercise Alone Aren’t Enough Have you ever wondered why some people look and feel great most of the time while others seem to drag themselves through each day? What is it about the ones who always appear to be at their best? What are their secrets? Some will tell you it’s all about working out. Others will say “You are what you eat.” Still others will say “I don’t do anything special, I’m naturally like this.” I can tell you it’s all of the … Continue reading

10 Ways To De-Stress During The Holiday Season

Deena Russo, High Performance Personal Trainer The holidays can be a lot of hustle and bustle and can make us feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Stress is proven to be bad for your health. Negative side effects of stress include difficulty getting to and staying asleep, elevated blood pressure, over the long term it can damage heart health, plus it can cause depression and moodiness. There are several effective methods to reduce stress. The best plan is to find a way to move your body and get the endorphins going in … Continue reading

Why Exercise Matters – Los Angeles Weight Loss

Successful weight loss can be frustrating and difficult for even the best of us. What foods should I eat? What foods should I not eat? And how important is exercise when I am trying to lose weight? Successful weight loss involves two things: proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Health and fitness professional Jason Kozma has the experience to help you in both areas! As a certified sport nutritionist, Jason can help you design a nutrition program to meet your needs. Contact him to set up a consultation today. This post focuses … Continue reading

The Difference Between Being Physically Active and Physically Fit

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Exercise is an important life changing commitment each of us should stick to. Not only will you lose excess weight and look good from working out regularly, but your immune system will be strengthened and you’ll have more energy than ever before. Just getting your standard three to four workout sessions per week for twenty minutes each day could dramatically change your life. How To Get Fit Most people know all of the health benefits that come with exercise, yet they still come up with every excuse in the book … Continue reading

Focus On The Positive, Not The Negative – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

“I can’t lose weight”… If the sentence above describes your mindset, then you will never lose weight. Instead, focus on shedding your first five pounds. People need to realize that thinking about losing weight just will not cut it. Pun intended! Staring at the scale hoping your weight will decrease is not going to help in the least. You need to make a choice. Right here, right now. Do you want to lose weight? Live in the body you have always dreamed of? Then do I have some good news … Continue reading

Fit People Earn Higher Incomes! – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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(Los Angeles, CA June 16, 2012) – Exercise can actually help you earn a higher income. How is this possible? Cleveland State University published a study that reported that those who exercise at least three hours per week will earn at least ten percent more than those who are inactive. Although there is a link between a person’s activity level and earning a higher income, at this point it is mostly speculation. There is a link though, that part has been proven. Getting the required amount of exercise will naturally … Continue reading

Best Exercises for your Booty – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

One of the most desired muscles women really want to tone, especially during the summer at the beach, is the gluteus maximus or simply the buttocks. For one reason or another, most just cannot seem to achieve the results they desire thus making them quit and leave it for another time (never). Unfortunately, these girls usually follow a fad diet or popular workout that is supposed to shape your buttocks. It really is not hard to accomplish with the right workout and a healthful diet. Below are some of the … Continue reading