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How to stay young forever…and it’s not how you think

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How To Stay Young

Once we enter our fourth decade, many of us start to worry about how to stay young. The August issue of Vogue magazine proclaimed “getting and staying in shape in your 40’s is the new midlife crisis.”

Have you joined the big trend yet? It’s never to late to start but the sooner you begin and the more consistent you are, the greater your long-term rewards. An active lifestyle is really an investment not just in a great body but also in your youth and wellness.

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I’m thrilled that the popular woman’s magazine is not pushing a new diet fad but instead encourages its readers to work out and work out hard. Women in their 40s and 50s have ignored weight training because of the perception that they might “bulk up.” Whoever came up with that myth, doesn’t know what they are talking about. Gaining muscle through resistance training has many benefits, from losing extra belly fat to maintaining healthy bone mass, but most importantly, it prevents age-related muscle loss. Translation: it keeps you looking young. The intensity of your weight training changes your body on the molecular, enzymatic, hormonal and chemical levels and also slows down and even stops many of the diseases.

Researchers who studied lifestyle habits and DNA of more than 2,400 twins, found that those who worked out regularly had significantly longer telomeres (a region of DNA that acts as a biological marker for aging) than their sedentary peers. But what’s more interesting is that those who exercised every day had telomeres that looked 10 years younger than those who didn’t.

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Did you know that you could control your aging with your workouts? Ready to turn back the clock?

Let’s look at the markers doctors consider that tells them how old you are if they didn’t know your age…and how strength training will:

Give you a “Toned” Appearance. Weight training gives our muscles shape and reshapes our bodies

Improves Skin Tone. More muscle and less fat means tight and elastic skin, and who doesn’t want that?

Gives Energy. We all lead busy lives so why drink sugary drinks and coffee when you can have unlimited energy by doing weight training.

Increases Bone Density. Research shows that strength training can help reduce the speed of bone loss and some studies have demonstrated that it actually builds bone. Weight-bearing exercises are some of the most effective remedies against osteoporosis. One of my favorites, a walking lunge exercise is a great way to build bone density in your hips, even without any additional weights.

Balances Blood Glucose Level. Strength training drains glucose and actually uses carbohydrates during your workouts. This means leaner and younger looking body, without cellulite.

Strengthens our Heart. Thanks to the latest research, we now know that weight training IS the best cardio you can do. Running on a treadmill is so yesterday, it takes more of your precious time and it can actually be counterproductive. Fitness experts, including myself, have known for a long time that in order to access your cardiovascular system, you have to perform mechanical work with your muscle.

Gene Expression. That’s my favorite benefit. Intense workouts have been shown to actually return gene expression to youthful levels in people using resistance training. Studies conducted on seniors have shown that strength training in the elderly reversed oxidative stress and returned gene expression in 179 genes to a youthful level. It aged people back 10 years. That means, strength training actually reversed aging.

–Improves Posture. Weight training prevents and helps manage low back pain by supporting our spine. And strengthening our upper back muscles improves our posture.

But just lifting weights and doing cardio is not enough. Proper diet accounts for most of the health benefits. Eating fresh, whole foods and avoiding processed foods and wine can help you achieve optimal health. And combined with strength training becomes a huge force in keeping you young indefinitely.

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