What’s the best way to recover from injuries? – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Pop Quiz #2
What’s the best way to recover from injuries?
A) Rest
B) Ice
C) Heat
D) Elevation
E) All of the above

Nobody is infallible, not even me, Mr. America, Jason Kozma. I’ve had my share of lumps, bumps and injuries, just like everyone else. And I’m smart enough to know when I’ve overdone it or hurt myself. I do give myself permission to recover, as should you. The answer, of course is “E – All of the above.” Whenever you have a minor injury, you need to take care not just to avoid re-injury, but to allow your body to heal. This doesn’t mean stopping workouts, but curtailing activities until the body part has healed. Many of my clients are professional athletes who come to me in their off-season looking to build more muscle and strength. Most of them have had some sort of injury during the playing year and need extra support to strengthen and rebuild. Only a great trainer, like yours truly, will know how to work with each individual client to avoid re-injury and build up the supporting muscles. Most trainers know one or two ways to work with each muscle group and would have you avoid certain areas altogether after an injury.

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What is the best post-workout food?

Pop Quiz #3
What is the best post-workout food?

A) Post workout shakes
B) Protein bars
C) Bananas
D) French Fries

Yeah, the last one is never a good food, no matter how much you try to justify it. Anyway, I’ll probably piss off a lot of people out there, but a post-workout banana is a very well balanced choice for most of my clients. It contains easily absorbed nutrients, slow absorbing sugars and a healthy dose of potassium, which helps replace whatever minerals you may have sweated out. I’m not being biased here, some men can afford to chow down on a protein bar or recovery shake after a heavy workout, but unless you’re careful, they contain a lot of extra calories that most people, women especially, might want to do without.
Yes, this was a trick one, I left out protein shakes to trick you. The right amount of protein powder is good post workout too: 25 grams of protein for women and 40 grams of protein or so for men.
The answer also depends on what the client’s goals are. If the goal is ultra-rapid weight loss, the correct answer is nothing – you just eat your meals as scheduled. There are no specific pre workout or post workout meals for that. When we are talking about post workout nutrition we are generally talking about optimizing muscle recovery.

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