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Looking for a private trainer in Los Angeles? Meet Jason Kozma’s High Performance Private Training Team!

Working out Hard or Hardly Working Out?

Care about quality: Next time you are at your gym, look around. Pay attention, how many people are really getting a good workout. Notice the lady who is reading a book on a treadmill, the guy who is wandering aimlessly, the young woman who is lifting weights so light you wonder if the heavier set has been lost, and the group of guys who look bored. If you want results, you need to commit yourself to serious exercise. Push yourself both in aerobic workouts and weight training, and you will see results in no time. With our Los Angeles private trainer, you can be certain you will get optimal results.

Advice from your Los Angeles Private Trainer

Here are some tips you can use when you are training on your own:

Log your workouts: Keep a log of your exercises and track the time, intensity and frequency of your workouts. Don’t think that if you spent an hour walking on a treadmill, you can indulge in an ice cream sundae.

Monitor your eating: Working out without paying attention to diet and nutrition is like trying to drive a car with the parking brake on; you won’t easily get to where you want to be. At least 50% of your success depends on your diet. Many people say they eat healthy, but have you tried a food journal? Once you see what you consume daily, you will realize what needs to change.


Change your workout: Do you do the same thing every day? Are you good at the exercises you do? The moment an exercise becomes easy or routine, change the weights, resistance or number of reps; or even change the exercise altogether. If you do the same workout all the time, you inevitably hit a plateau and stop seeing any progress. With our Los Angeles private trainer, your workouts will be varied and effective.

private training in Los Angeles

Fix your form: Where did you learn how to do the exercises you do? Did you look at the picture on the machine? Or did your friend show you? Having correct form is crucial to getting results and limiting the possibility of injury. It is best to hire a Los Angeles private trainer to teach you correct techniques that can achieve results.


Stop weighing yourself: If you’re like most people, you measure your success by your weight loss. But a better way to assess your fitness progress is by tracking your body composition. Your Los Angeles private trainer would be able to determine the percentage of your body fat loss and muscle gain. Cholesterol, blood pressure and energy level are other markers of your success.

Private Trainer Benefits

Taking the time to make the most of your workouts work for you will provide the results you’re looking for. Maybe it’s your skinny jeans? Maybe it’s being able to see the outline of your muscles under your t-shirt. Whatever your goal, when you sign up for our Los Angeles private trainer, you’ll get real results.

Private Trainer Los Angeles

private trainer Los Angeles
Los Angeles Private Trainer - Mr. America Jason Kozma

Los Angeles Private Trainer and Team Leader Jason Kozma has gone to great lengths to recruit the very best Los Angeles private fitness trainers to be a part of his High Performance Personal Training Team. Under Jason’s watchful eye, his trainers provide the highest level of personal training expertise and service. Already requiring 10 years or more of professional experience and a proven track record of results, Jason further his trainers’ expertise by teaching them the High Performance Method. The High Performance Personal Training concept is a unique blend and style of resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and nutritional planning that produces the most dramatic results seen with any personal training program. Go to the Before and After Pictures and Client Testimonials sections for examples.

To learn about Mr. America Jason Kozma, Private Trainer Los Angeles, click on the “About Me” section.

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