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My Secrets to Body Transformation Success

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For some people, looking and feeling great is motivation enough to work out and eat a healthy, balanced diet. For others, it takes a lot more than that. Some people need a lot of motivation just to get off the couch. Others need motivation to carve out time in the day to get to the gym or take a run. Others may have physical limitations or health issues that may prevent them from getting the exercise they need.

Back when I decided to transform my body to become a competitive bodybuilder, I realized it takes a LOT of motivation and dedication. To physically transform yourself into a competitive bodybuilder, athlete or fitness competitor goes far beyond what most people are willing to do in terms of diet, exercise and discipline. For me, I was able to take my own motivation and use it to help my clients achieve their goals as well. I’ve had the privilege of training a number of amateur and professional bodybuilders, athletes and fitness competitors to reach their peak performances. I won’t give away all of my secrets in my blogs, but I can tell you this, each and everyone one of them has a deep commitment to their fitness, nutrition and workouts.

For many people, finding the time, energy and motivation to eat right, work out and take care of themselves is just another item on their to-do list that never gets done. What if I told you there was a secret way to increase your motivation? What if I told you that there’s one simple trick to doubling your weight loss? Would you believe me? Well…here it is. Go grab a journal or a diary to write this down. I mean it.

Your Training Journal – Excellent Tool for Motivation

Journaling your workouts, weight loss and body transformation is the most motivating thing you can do for yourself. You will see your actual progress, be it weight loss, muscle mass gain, increased strength, faster 5k times. Whatever it is you want to improve, journaling is the best way to achieve this. Multiple studies have shown people lose twice the amount of weight, and are more successful in keeping it off when they keep a daily food diary and track their weight and exercise output. It may not feel like an accomplishment from one day to the next, but all you have to do is look back to where you started and see how much you’ve achieved.

Whenever I start working with a new client I always take their key body measurements, starting weight and their goals. They keep a daily nutrition log which we review and make adjustments accordingly. My team and I track their measurements and weight along with their performance to review regularly. At the end of their first set of sessions we review against their original goals to see how much they’ve accomplished so far. There are no guarantees in life, but if my clients log in their daily food diary and follow their nutrition and exercise plans, they will see dramatic results in less than two months. The motivation to continue is easy after that. All they have to do is look back to where they started and they can see the progress themselves. . All you have to do is look at my Before and After pictures to see how my team and I help real people meet and exceed their expectations.

How I Design My Diets

The good news is that anyone can look great if they set their mind to achieving that goal. The tricky part is that unlike many people think, you have to eat a lot to lose that body fat and grow lean muscle. Because just exercising is not enough. Training alone won’t even get you halfway to being lean and achieving the results you want. Want to know the secrets?

I tell my clients that there is no secret and no magic to a beautiful body. Sounds too easy, right?

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Nick 4% body fat winning Mr. Muscle Beach

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Most people, especially women, stop eating or try to eat as little as possible when they want to lose weight. But that’s a big mistake! The body responds by shedding muscle for energy and slowing down the metabolic rate to preserve energy. When they resume normal eating, they gain weight even faster because they are burning fewer calories.

My program doesn’t offer “quick” fixes. It requires a lifestyle change, exercise, good nutrition and patience. But if you follow my secrets, you’ll lose nothing but pure fat and keep all your muscle!


Muscle Weight vs. Fat Weight

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Every person, no matter how fit, has a certain percentage of body fat. Even the leanest man has about 4% body fat. Lean women have about 12%. You can’t judge a book by its cover, just like you can’t judge a person based upon his or her body fat percentage. I’m a big believer in building muscles for many reasons.  You don’t want to just lose weight.  You want to lose weight from fat, not muscle.  If you lose muscle weight, you lose strength.  No one wants that.  What happens when you need to open a pickle jar then?

Carb vs. No Carb Diets

I’m not a fan of “No Carb” diets. They may be a temporary fix and a quick way to lose a few pounds, but the weight always comes back on. That’s because people end up losing too much muscle, and active muscle is what revs up your metabolism. No sane person can exist without carbohydrates in his or her diet. Having said that, there are good carbs and bad carbs. If you want a quick and easy tip to figure out good vs. bad use the color method. Anything in the white spectrum can generally be classified as “bad.” White sugar, white flour, pretty much any man-made carbs. Exceptions are white rice and white potatoes as long as the meal also has a protein. The darker you go the better the carb, for the most part. Darker grains, brown rice, yams are all “good” carbs and can help keep you feeling full and keep your blood sugar balanced. Sorry, chocolate in any form, white, milk or dark, doesn’t count.

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Snack vs. Meal

What’s the Difference? For those of you who follow my nutrition plans, you know I’m a huge advocate for eating 5 small meals a day. There’s hard evidence to back this up. Small meals eaten 3 hours apart throughout the day rev up your metabolism, help you burn more fat and keep you satiated. This doesn’t give you license to snack throughout the day, however. These 5 small meals should be well-balanced, lean protein and fiber rich foods. Not a handful of potato chips here and a candy bar there. Healthy, low calorie snacks are always welcome in any nutritious meal plan, but they should never replace a meal.

protein drink
protein drink makes a great snack to boost the metabolism.

Protein vs. Carbs

Let’s face it; a person can’t exist on protein or carbs alone. You need a balanced diet whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain your current weight or gain weight. I always recommend my clients start the day with healthy carbs, protein and maybe a small amount of fruit. It wakes up your metabolism and gives you energy to start the day. How you maintain that energy is key. Small, balanced meals throughout the day keep your energy up and keep you going. Knowing the right combinations of food to eat and when to eat them is the key to success. Contact me today to create your personalized nutrition plan.

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