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Every person, no matter how fit, has a certain percentage of body fat. Even the leanest man has about 4% body fat. Lean women have about 12%. You can’t judge a book by its cover, just like you can’t judge a person based upon his or her body fat percentage. I’m a big believer in building muscles for many reasons. One of the biggest is the more weight training you do, and muscles you build, the more fat you burn. You can spend all day on a treadmill and burn a ton of calories, but you’ll see a bigger difference in your body composition – muscle definition, no more love handles – when you start weight training. Want to know more? Contact me today to create your personal training program and watch the fat disappear.

Carb vs. No Carb Diets

I’m not a fan of “No Carb” diets. They may be a temporary fix and a quick way to lose a few pounds, but the weight always comes back on. That’s because people end up losing too much muscle, and active muscle is what revs up your metabolism. No sane person can exist without carbohydrates in his or her diet. Having said that, there are good carbs and bad carbs. If you want a quick and easy tip to figure out good vs. bad use the color method. Anything in the white spectrum can generally be classified as “bad.” White sugar, white flour, pretty much any man-made carbs. Exceptions are white rice and white potatoes as long as the meal also has a protein. The darker you go the better the carb, for the most part. Darker grains, brown rice, yams are all “good” carbs and can help keep you feeling full and keep your blood sugar balanced. Sorry, chocolate in any form, white, milk or dark, doesn’t count.

muscle vs fat

Snack vs. Meal

What’s the Difference? For those of you who follow my nutrition plans, you know I’m a huge advocate for eating 5 small meals a day. There’s hard evidence to back this up. Small meals eaten 3 hours apart throughout the day rev up your metabolism, help you burn more fat and keep you satiated. This doesn’t give you license to snack throughout the day, however. These 5 small meals should be well-balanced, lean protein and fiber rich foods. Not a handful of potato chips here and a candy bar there. Healthy, low calorie snacks are always welcome in any nutritious meal plan, but they should never replace a meal. Contact me today to create your personalized nutrition plan.

Protein vs. Carbs

Let’s face it; a person can’t exist on protein or carbs alone. You need a balanced diet whether you’re trying to lose weight, maintain your current weight or gain weight. I always recommend my clients start the day with healthy carbs, protein and maybe a small amount of fruit. It wakes up your metabolism and gives you energy to start the day. How you maintain that energy is key. Small, balanced meals throughout the day keep your energy up and keep you going. Knowing the right combinations of food to eat and when to eat them is the key to success. Contact me today to create your personalized nutrition plan.

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