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Los Angeles personal trainer Jason Kozma

Los Angeles fitness trainer and Mr. America Jason Kozma is known for his extensive background in various fields of fitness and ability to rapidly transform the bodies and lives of those who work with him. He and his team have trained several well-known celebrities and athletes from multiple sports such as Fabio, Marshall Faulk, Armand Assante, and Bo Goldman to name a few.

Mr. America’s main gym is located in Brentwood, and his High Performance Personal Training team is available in most areas of Los Angeles. His team consists of elite level trainers with diverse backgrounds and specialties in just about any field of fitness you can think of. Each of them is certified and has trained under Jason Kozma himself.

With the combination of one-on-one training, lifestyle changes, and a custom designed nutritional plan, it is guaranteed that you will see results with Jason and his team faster than anywhere else. His system is designed to minimize body fat, maximize lean muscle tissue, increase natural energy, improve mood, and keep your body healthy for the long run. Each plan is customized to fit the needs of the client, so don’t think you’ll be getting a generic plan that everyone follows. This fitness routine is meant for only you which is why it works so well.

There are tons of before and after photo results and client testimonials from previous clients on this website. These clients will assure you that Jason and his team know exactly how to help you achieve the results you want as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Meet Some of Our Los Angeles Fitness Trainers

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before and after Randy
Randy before and after
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Noelle before and after
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Michael before and after
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Finding a fitness trainer in Los Angeles can feel like a daunting task, which is why you want to find the best. Whether you are in show-business, or if you just want to look good on the beach, a celebrity personal trainer works with people whose job is, in large part, to keep their bodies in top-notch condition.

Have you ever wished you could look like Fabio? Perhaps knowing that your personal trainer has trained a world-famous fitness expert and model is a high recommendation. Add to the list other A-list actors like Adam Baldwin from NBC’s Chuck, and the cult classic Firefly.  Also consider that High Performance is the trainer of choice for multiple Academy Award nominee Sir Kenneth Charles Branagh. Is that high enough recommendation? If sports are more your inspiration, might you consider the personal trainer to NFL star Marshall Faulk worth your consideration? Or perhaps Hideo Nomo, world-famous pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

The considerable list of celebrity clients for this Los Angeles personal trainer goes on, including NBA stars and models and countless other notables.

Ladies looking for a personal fitness trainer can be reassured that famed day-time actress Connie Selleca utilized the services of High Performance for her celebrity personal trainer. High Performance specializes in post-partum workouts designed to help ladies like you get back in shape, starting as soon as 6 weeks after giving birth. Based in South Bay, personal trainer Deena works with women and men of all fitness levels. And in the elite Gold’s Gym Venice, Miss Fitness America Sherlyn trains ladies in the Mecca of the bodybuilding world.

Celebrity Fitness Trainers

High Performance continues to be the source for celebrities looking for personal trainers. How would you feel about being trained by a celebrity trainer – who is a celebrity? Mr. America Jason Kozma, owner of High Performance and Santa Monica-based personal trainer, is a television personality who has been featured in national magazines, from Cosmopolitan to MuscleMag.

Perhaps you think the services of a fitness trainer will be outside of your league, either financially or physically. At High Performance Personal Training, we can work with you, your resources and your schedule at affordable rates. Our trainers may work for the stars but our rates are definitely down-to-earth. Jason is also the first personal trainer to offer online personal training at a low cost.  The program can be done from the privacy of your own home, or at the local gym of your choice. With online training, you can train just like a celebrity wherever you are.

Fitness Trainer Services

Our services run a broad range from private yoga instruction for those looking to get limbered up to high-impact training for athletes getting ready for the next big game. Our 8 Weeks to a New Body  course is designed for rapid weight loss and toning. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get toned, or learn how to lift properly, we can work with what you have and help you to get where you want to be.

For more information on our programs, and to let us help you select the program that is right for you, contact us today. Find out for yourself why High Performance Personal Trainers are the trainers chosen by celebrities.

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Los Angeles fitness

In addition to in-home personal training at your Los Angeles home gym, our nearby West Hollywood and Hollywood gyms, our Santa Monica headquarters, we also offer the following fitness related services to address all your health and fitness needs:

contact for rates and availability.

If you don’t live in Los Angeles, but are still interested in following Jason’s fitness training program, Jason’s expertise is available through his Online Fitness Training Program. You get your very own custom-designed weight training, cardio and nutrition plan created for you by Mr. America Jason Kozma himself.

Meal Delivery : Healthy, organic, Mr. America – approved meals delivered to your door.

Yoga in your own LA home or office. Meet Litz, private Yoga instructor.

One on one Mat Pilates in West Los Angeles and Classic Pilates in Hermosa Beach. Click here for more information.

Meet the High Performance Personal Training Team here

Los Angeles fitness trainers

Our High Performance Team Trainers are available for fitness training in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, West LAMalibuPasadenaWest HollywoodBeverly HillsMarina del ReyVenice  and more. Call to ask if we serve your area.

This page has been intended to be a very brief walk-through of the benefits a fitness trainer can give to you. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today.

Jason’s a really great trainer. I do the virtual personal training program because I know form, I just don’t have the knowledge to build my own plan. Jason’s always been very responsive whenever I have questions. He doesn’t give you a cookie-cutter plan; I have a few physical limitations and my gym doesn’t have the widest variety of equipment and he was very understanding and helped find the right exercise substitutions. I found the diet plan really helpful because it’s flexible enough where I can try different foods, but specific enough about how much and when to eat so I actually see results. Be clear with your goals and stick to what he says and you’ll definitely be happy with where you are in just a few months.
Rory Fitzpatrick
Rory Fitzpatrick
Highly recommended his personal training session for body building
Lucy Hale
Lucy Hale
Highly recommended. Responded quickly, worked around my schedule, and provided exceptional service.
Edward Angwin
Edward Angwin
If you’re looking for rapid transformation success Jason Kozma is the best personal trainer available! Very happy with the guidance, accountability, and humor he provided during our training time together. He genuinely cares about getting his clients the best results possible. If you are not in the LA area he also has an excellent online personal training program. Highly recommend.
Darren Maroni
Darren Maroni
I live in Chicago so I used Jason's online personal training. It was a great experience especially for the price. He would monitor my workouts each week and let me know if I should be able to go heavier on an exercise based on everything else I was doing. He'd also review my recorded diet and tell me where to tweak things. He was also good about reminding me to update my weight and progress pics, and he'd adjust the workouts or diet based on that. He was honest about how much weight/muscle I should expect to gain and didn't try to make huge promises just to get business.
Eric Seelbach
Eric Seelbach
So happy to find jason! He connected me with an incredible trainer and provided me with nutrition and support to achieve my goals!
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson
Jason is awesome, very communicative and reliable, and he paired me with Jerry, who is not only a great trainer, but also a fantastic person overall. Great training and great results!
Masha S
Masha S
Jason is the best personal trainer. He knows exactly how to increase muscle and strength. I’ve built up muscle so rapidly due to his program. He truly keeps you motivated and continuously pushes you to give all your absolute effort. I highly recommend!
Nathan Akhtarzad
Nathan Akhtarzad
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