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Attention Lazy People: FDA Warns About Lipodissolve Product Claims – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

Some people will go to any length to avoid exercise!

Lipodissolve products seem like the perfect way to lose weight. There’s no exercise or heating healthy involved! Well, as tempting as injecting yourself with chemicals to easily lose fat may seem, there is more to it than just that.

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is making sure that people know a bit more about these types of products before purchasing and using them. This is especially true for lipodissolve and related products who advertise ingredients that are not actually used in the product.

Lipodissolve works by injecting your body with quite a few injections filled with a certain drug. People may refer to the act of injecting yourself with lipodissolve products as lipozap, mesotherapy, lipotherapy, or injection lipolysis.

It is advertised that body fat will appear to vanish in as little as a few weeks and will stay gone for good. Unfortunately, the main drugs that are in lipodissolve products are deoxycholate and phosphatidylcholine, which is not good for out bodies.

Lipodissolve Concerns

The FDA is concerned about companies that product lipodissolve and similar products are not telling their customers the entire truth about their products. A statement released by the company stated that customers should be aware that the FDA does not approve of any of the ingredients or procedures lipodissolve promotes for cutting fat.

They are also alerting people the following:

  • Safety is not guaranteed when using these products as there is no evidence of what exactly is used and how it works.
  • The products used in lipodissolve have never been looked into or approved by the FDA.
  • There have been no medical studies on the product, which means there is no proof of how well it works for fat removal.
  • People who have used lipodissolve products have reported nasty side effects such as skin pain in general, permanent scarring where injections took place, and noticeable deformation of the skin.

In April 2010, the FDA sent letters to several clinical spas in America warning them of the consequences for advertising false claims about their products and ingredients used. The companies reported were the following:

  • Medical Cosmetic Enhancements in Maryland
  • Pure Medical Spa in Florida
  • Innovative Directions in Minnesota
  • All About You Medical Spa in Indiana
  • Spa 35 in Idaho
  • Monarch Medical Spa in Pennsylvania

The claims companies and medical spas like to use are that lipodissolve is so safe that is has a record for its safety, is effective, much better than any other method for losing weight, and there has even been claims that lipodissolve heals problems like lipomas and surgical deformities. Of course, these just are NOT true.

The FDA is demanding a response from the above companies within fifteen days of receiving the letter providing information on how the problems listed in the letters will be addressed. Legal action will be taken if there is no response or if the problems persist.

If you or someone you know has used lipodissolve or similar products and procedures, it is important that you contact the FDA immediately. On their website they have a section called FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting Program ( where you can report any issues or you can give them a call at (800) FDA-1088

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Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

A Lack Of Exercise Can Kill Women

(SANTA MONICA, CA April 19, 2012) –

A study conducted by Oregon State University has reported that a lack of exercise in women increases the risk of developing severe illnesses and diseases. Such conditions can include metabolic syndrome, a chronic illness that increases blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and fat on all parts of the body. Each of these symptoms alone could be extremely life-threatening, so together the body will be is a horrible state. When these symptoms are affecting the body for a prolonged period of time, it could develop into heart disease, strokes, or type 2 diabetes.

Does this worry you? If you are actively moving about and getting sufficient exercise, then it shouldn’t at all. Unfortunately, statistic reveal that most women suffer from a lack of exercise and only get an average of fifteen minutes of exercise daily, which is under the recommended thirty minutes of intense exercise per day. The excuses for not being able to exercise are blamed on family time, work schedules, and it has even been reported that many women don’t exercise simply because they do not want to mess up there hair.

Get Off Your Butt

lack of exerciseThere will always be an excuse to avoid exercising, but those that keep making them will surely suffer the health consequences in the future. Moderate physical activity will not only prevent the conditions listed above, but can also decrease the risk of breast cancer by up to forty percent just for as little as three hours of exercise per week.

Lack of Exercise Kills

This doesn’t apply solely to women, as males are also just as inactive, especially if there work does not require them to move much. Although this study focused on women, both genders are equally at risk for serious illnesses, diseases, cancers, strokes, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity. If you want to live a longer life than most, then you will need to get up and start moving.

Although you may believe that a busy schedule can be a valid excuse for your lack of exercise, it really isn’t if you take the time to learn a few time-saving techniques. Sleep is a necessary requirement in order for us to live our lives, but if you can manage to wake up an hour early each morning to exercises then it would be a good idea to do so.

Morning exercise will not only prevent possible illnesses, but will get your blood pumping and provide you with the natural energy you need to last throughout the day. Be sure to focus on exercises that don’t take a lot of time, but are intense enough to give you the fully effective workout. Workouts should last at least twenty minutes, but it would be best to consult with one of my Los Angeles personal trainers in order to find out exactly what you should do.

5 Obstacles to a Fitter You

I know you want to have a great “after” body like the clients on my website. You know you need to train harder and smarter, eat better and do cardio to lose that excess fat.

before and after collection

So why haven’t you perfected your body yet?

There are a lot of tangled excuses that make losing fat difficult, excuses that are more complex than just making sure that you burn more calories than you take in.

Here are 5 roadblocks and the answers to transform your body for the better.

1. It Hurts.

Hard training hurts when you do it, and later when you get sore.

So what? The benefits outweigh the discomfort.

2. You like sweets.

Too bad!

3. You don’t have time.

You need to invest in your health and body, and that investment is in time.

4. You don’t think you can handle it.

You can do this and you deserve it.

5. You fear failure.

You’ll never know if you don’t try!

When you are ready to do this we will change:

  • Your daily diet
  • The way you look at food
  • Your workout routine
  • Your use of time

Contact me today to get started on your body transformation program!

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