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When you think of fit and beautiful people, what comes to mind? I bet you immediately think of Hollywood movie stars and red carpets! Los Angeles has always been the capital of glamour, fitness and everlasting beauty. So if the glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous is something you would like to have, consider LA for a fitness vacation. Because looking like money is the new status symbol no matter where you live.

If you are ready for this, read on. A fitness vacation is unlike any other. You come back home in better shape instead of a few extra pounds of belly fat from consuming too many umbrella drinks. Don’t get me wrong; we all need rest and relaxation, but sometimes, there’s no better way to recharge than working out—especially when we spend most of our days feeling chained to a desk chair.

Fitness and wellness don’t come cheap, but more and more people are willing to splurge on such a vacation as an investment in their health and beauty. Just think, you can work out with celebrity trainers and even alongside actors or reality TV stars you watch on the screen. You can hike the same trails A-listers hike, you can hot SoulCycle classes…oh, the choices you have.

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As a celebrity personal trainer, I offer a custom Hollywood fitness vacation program for out-of-town visitors who come to LA for a short time and guarantee visible results within weeks. I design a nutrition plan for you, arrange meal services to fit your goals and challenge you to workouts that will transform your body in just a couple weeks. I also put you in touch with LA’s top practitioners that will complement my vigorous workout sessions. I will even recommend hotels and resorts that will support your fitness and wellness goals.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and come to LA not just for sun and celebrity spotting but to become a celebrity in your own town. Details here

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