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All Calories are Not Created Equal – 2

Egg White and Oatmeal Protein Pancake

Puny humans: Try one or more of these healthful options for your next meal:


Switch from whole milk to 1% fat or non-fat milk for your cereal or coffee.
Switch a sugar-coated breakfast cereal for a whole grain breakfast cereal such as oatmeal or shredded whole grain wheat cereal with no added sugar.
Switch sugar on your breakfast cereal for fresh fruit or xylitol.
Switch low fat yogurt to fat-free Greek yogurt for more protein and more taste.

Be sure to add protein to your meals and snacks.

Ditch the egg yolks and scramble 3 egg whites with spinach, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and green peppers for a kick-ass start to your morning. You can even add a teaspoon of low sodium salsa on top for a powerful wake-up breakfast punch.


Switch white breads, bagels or muffins for whole grain or corn tortillas or rice cakes.
Switch a tuna melt sandwich for a grilled ahi tuna salad.
Switch a bag of chips for a serving of veggies.

Did you forget to add protein?

How about spreading 1 tablespoon of peanut or almond butter on whole grain rice cakes? Or why not try adding one ounce of low-fat cottage cheese or low fat mozzarella to sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves for a Mediterranean style lunch.


Switch creamy or cheesy sauces for tomato or vegetable-based sauces on your pasta, meat or fish dishes.
Choose leaner cuts of meat: for example, chicken breasts instead of chicken thighs.
Switch the frying pan for the grill when cooking meat.

Did you forget the protein?

How about chopping your favorite vegetables with 3 ounces of turkey meat and tossing with lettuce for a great Chef style salad? Is the weather outside nice? Why not fire up the grill and toss on chicken breasts marinated in low-sodium, sugar-free teriyaki sauce? While you’re at it, how about grilling up pineapple, peaches and nectarines?  Yes, you heard me, grilled fruit makes a mouthwatering dessert or can be served with the teriyaki chicken as a side dish.

There’s nothing like summer to bring out the healthy chef in all of us. Vegetables and fruits are always delicious, but there’s something about the summer harvest that seems to make flavors burst in your mouth.  Throw some asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes and portobello mushrooms on the grill for a great, vegetarian dinner

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