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Get In Shape on Vacation

Experts say that jump-starting a new fitness regime is actually easier on vacation because you are not tempted by a full refrigerator or a cookie jar in the kitchen.

Trainers believe that a Vacation Setting can be the deal setting for beginning a new fitness lifestyle as you are not surrounded by your normal dietary pitfalls and bad habits. A professional personal trainer can assist you in making the right food choices – information which will help you take off pounds and keep them off.

optimal fitness clientThis is how to have a great fitness vacation:

1. Choose holiday destinations with plenty of physical activities. Instead of going to the usual tourist sight seeing trips abroad, choose holiday activities that require you to burn calories and yet have fun.

2. Prior to starting get a fitness assesment from your trainer.

3. Speak to the trainer before you head out of town and prepare everything you will need for your trip, so you have no excuses once you start a new plan and no distractions.

4. Do something active every day, trying to incorporate different cardiovascular, flexibility, and strength exercises within the time you are away.

5. Always make sure your instructors are certified, licensed professionals.

6. Find out in advance the logistics behind the activities the establishment offers. How long does the activity last? How much training and or skill level is needed? What equipment will be needed and provided? What is the action plan?

7. Consider your individual needs. You want to clear as to why you are taking a fitness vacation. Make sure the trip will allow you to return rested, relaxed, and with enough energy to resume your daily routine. Also, the trip should produce happy memories and peace of mind.

Be sure you can afford the trip and that it won’t break the bank and that it is the right time in your life to take this kind of vacation.

The best thing about your fitness vacation? You can deduct it from taxes! That’s right! Some of the money you spend on losing weight and improving your health can be tax deductable! For several years, the IRS has considered certain weight loss fees as tax deductible.rul.Tax deductions may be available for fees associated with weight loss. The only caveat: A doctor’s prescription may be required. Happy Travels!

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