Hafthor Thor Bjornsson

Game of Thrones Actor Breaks 1,000 Year-Old Weightlifting Record

Breaking a world record is impressive, but when a bodybuilder takes it upon himself to shatter a record from myth it’s something that gets people’s collective attention. That’s why Game of Thrones Actor Hafthor Bjornsson, an Icelandic power lifter who competes under the name of Thor, drew so much attention when he accomplished a feat even the heroes from the sagas couldn’t manage.

What Did He Do?

According to legend there was a great Viking hero who had the mast of a longship laid across his shoulders. In the myth the hero took the weight of the mast and then walked three steps with it across his shoulders. The myth ended badly though, with the hero crippled by his own impossible feat of strength.

Thor decided to go one better.

Bjornsson took an actual wooden post the size of a longship’s mast (weighing approximately 1,433 pounds) and stood with it. Not only that but he took five steps with it across his shoulders, dropping it and declaring his victory. A full video of his accomplishment can be found at this link.

More Than Just Muscle

It’s refreshing to see men like Bjornsson raising the bar. While he’s stood out in competitions before, and he’s gained more than a little notoriety for his performance on Game of Thrones as Ser Gregor Clegane – a warrior capable of crushing a man’s skull with his bare hands, there’s more to lifting weights than looking good and winning competitions. Sometimes it’s about the spirit of what you can accomplish, and paying homage to those who came before you. At least that’s what we believe at High Performance Personal Training.

Bodybuilding Promotes Health For People Of All Backgrounds

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Eric age 53

When most of us think of hitting the gym and beginning a weightlifting regimen, we think of trying to shed some extra pounds and finally finding a way to get in shape. We rarely think of bodybuilding as a solution to our issues with being overweight, but actually training with weights can help transform your health no matter what your body shape and size was beforehand.

People who are underweight can also benefit from the healthy focus that bodybuilding gives you. A perfect example of this is Charlotte MagGill who credits bodybuilding as saving her from anorexia.

In a recent article in the Daily Mail by Madlen Davies, called, “From Anorexia To Miss Universe: Woman, 26, Says BodyBuilding Saved Her From The Grip Of Eating Disorder” MacGill tells her story of how her unhealthy obsession with looking like skinny celebrities transformed into a healthy obsession with proper exercise and eating. In the article, MacGill says,

“Now Ms MacGill has become a muscly transformation of her former self, winning regional, national and global bodybuilding competitions and being crowned Miss Universe. She said: …bodybuilding changed my life – I know how to exercise properly now and can’t believe how unhealthy I was before.”

Everyone can benefit from bodybuilding, not just people who are overweight. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle that promotes healthy eating and very specific exercise techniques. If you want to completely transform your body in the healthiest way possible, please contact us. Our elite personal training services will guide you through the process of creating the body you want without compromising your health.

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