The Kobe Bryant Training Method for Basketball – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

Everyone involved in the basketball world knows about Kobe Bryant, as he is one of the top ten players in the world. His abilities are unrivaled by most and his intensity never diminishes. If you’ve noticed, he also has a body that clearly shows how much effort he has put into his training. If you plan on trying your hardest in basketball, then pay close attention to the training advice below and the exact exercises Kobe Bryant performs each day. The power of your jump, swiftness of your pass, and … Continue reading

5 Tips to a Healthier Salad – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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There is a right and wrong way to make a salad. Most people think that a salad only diet will quickly help them lose weight, but if you don’t make it right then your salad dish can contain more calories than the meals your were originally eating. Of course, salad is a much better alternative than most dinners, yet they need to be prepared with the right ingredients. Below are five tips for ingredients you should add to your next salad dish. Build A Better Salad Tip #1: Vegetables Lettuce … Continue reading

3 Methods for Accelerating Results – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

You have been working out consistently and eating right, yet results aren’t coming as they used to. When you start exercising after being in a sedentary state for so long, results are immediate and apparent. After months and month of performing the same routine over again, the body will actually get used to the workout and slowly stop showing results. When this occurs, there are three methods you can use in order to start kicking up your results. Method #1: Do Exercises with Complex Movements. Try not to choose exercises … Continue reading

Focus On The Positive, Not The Negative – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

“I can’t lose weight”… If the sentence above describes your mindset, then you will never lose weight. Instead, focus on shedding your first five pounds. People need to realize that thinking about losing weight just will not cut it. Pun intended! Staring at the scale hoping your weight will decrease is not going to help in the least. You need to make a choice. Right here, right now. Do you want to lose weight? Live in the body you have always dreamed of? Then do I have some good news … Continue reading

Turn Off the TV to Lose Weight – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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Turn Off the TV to Lose Weight Do you eat in front of the TV? If so, then you’re likely consuming excess calories resulting in you gaining weight. New studies show that eating while doing something else results in eating as much as 40% more calories per day. Only eat during dedicated mealtimes to help you lose weight more easily. Which reminds me….portion control! NEVER EAT OUT OF A FOOD CONTAINER! I MEAN IT! Put a proper portion of food on your plate or in your bowl. Chew slowly and … Continue reading

World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt Workout – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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Who is Usain Bolt? Usain Bolt, a man standing 6’5” weighting 207 pounds, is a three-time Olympic gold medalist from Jamaica who currently holds the world record for the 100 meter dash at 9.58 seconds and the 200 meter dash at 19.19 seconds. He achieved both of these metals at the London Olympic Games of 2012 and is the first person to ever have won the gold metal in both dashes. When Usain Bolt was first interested in sports, his favorite was the game cricket. He had been coached in … Continue reading

Exercise and Calcium Build Bone Density – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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(Los Angeles, CA June 28, 2012) In a recent study it was discovered that consuming both Vitamin D and calcium, from either food or supplements, can increase the lifespan of a person as well as prevent the chances of osteoporosis from developing as the body ages. It’s obviously essential to your senior fitness and health maintenance routine. Recently, another study reported that Vitamin D and calcium supplements may also increase the risk of heart attack. With both reports coinciding with each other, it may be confusing as to what a … Continue reading

Hot Dogs: Still not good for you! – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

(Los Angeles, CA July 9, 2012) – Every year on July 4th America does not only celebrate the day of independence, but also takes part in the International Hot Dog Eating Contest. In 2012, a man from California managed to take the prize by eating sixty-eight hot dogs in under ten minutes. This means that he consumed roughly twenty thousand calories, over one thousand grams of fat, fifty thousand milligrams of sodium, and about four hundred grams of saturated fat. As you might have assumed, this is not healthy at … Continue reading

Defeat Your Sweet Tooth! – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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Exercise is a key factor in losing weight, but the foods you use as fuel is responsible for how efficient your exercises will be as well as how much fat is being stored in your body. The main problem people face when deciding to eat healthier is their sweet tooth. Having a sweet tooth simply means you have a large craving for a sugary substance, whether it is a food or beverage. It is an unfortunate truth that people who succumb to the desires of their sweet tooth end up … Continue reading

Fit People Earn Higher Incomes! – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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(Los Angeles, CA June 16, 2012) – Exercise can actually help you earn a higher income. How is this possible? Cleveland State University published a study that reported that those who exercise at least three hours per week will earn at least ten percent more than those who are inactive. Although there is a link between a person’s activity level and earning a higher income, at this point it is mostly speculation. There is a link though, that part has been proven. Getting the required amount of exercise will naturally … Continue reading

Exercise Your Right to Happiness – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT TO HAPPINESS (SANTA MONICA, CA May 30, 2012) – Are you as happy as you should be? Statistics from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Better Life Index show that most people are not. Every year in about thirty-six countries, a survey is conducted in order to find out how satisfied people are with their lives. The statistics are determined by factors that include health care, social networking, economical prosperity, and employment. The United States did not even make it onto the list for the top … Continue reading

May 2012 competition site updates!

From: Joe Agostinelli 1. The 2012 Natural Bodybuilding Events including Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Fitness, Bikini and Fitness Model Competition Schedule has been added to There are more than 300 shows listed and the site is continuously updated. Promoters – please check your listings and make sure they are up to date. If anyone knows of a competition that is not listed on my site, please let me know. 2. Message from the Vicky McCann of the Drug-Free Athletics Coalition Class winners of any Natural show are eligible … Continue reading


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(SANTA MONICA, CA April 19, 2012) – A study conducted by Oregon State University has reported that a lack of exercise in women increases the risk of developing severe illnesses and diseases. Such conditions can include metabolic syndrome, a chronic illness that increases blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and fat on all parts of the body. Each of these symptoms alone could be extremely life-threatening, so together the body will be is a horrible state. When these symptoms are affecting the body for a prolonged period of time, it could develop … Continue reading

Personal Trainer Los Angeles | Is Your Fitness Plan Intelligent?

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So you have finally started exercising, or have been exercising for awhile now, but there is something that isn’t quite right about your routine. It may be that you haven’t lost much weight, haven’t grown much muscle, or after every workout you feel extremely sore and are developing pains that persist beyond normal soreness. If either of the previous statements sounds like you, then you may have an unbalanced fitness plan. There are correct ways and incorrect ways to perform an exercise. To get the most out of a routine … Continue reading

3 Great Reasons To Invest In A Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

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Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer to help you transform your body and meet your weight loss goals? There are several reasons why millions of people pay money for a professional trainer. Obviously they want to achieve fitness and weight loss, but they increase their chances of being successful for the following reasons. Motivation Some people just have a hard time getting off the couch. When New Year’s rolls around, so many people make a resolution to get into shape, but shortly fall off the wagon. A High … Continue reading

Attention Lazy People: FDA Warns About Lipodissolve Product Claims – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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Some people will go to any length to avoid exercise! Lipodissolve products seem like the perfect way to lose weight. There’s no exercise or heating healthy involved! Well, as tempting as injecting yourself with chemicals to easily lose fat may seem, there is more to it than just that. The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, is making sure that people know a bit more about these types of products before purchasing and using them. This is especially true for lipodissolve and related products who advertise ingredients that are not … Continue reading

Best Exercises for your Booty – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

One of the most desired muscles women really want to tone, especially during the summer at the beach, is the gluteus maximus or simply the buttocks. For one reason or another, most just cannot seem to achieve the results they desire thus making them quit and leave it for another time (never). Unfortunately, these girls usually follow a fad diet or popular workout that is supposed to shape your buttocks. It really is not hard to accomplish with the right workout and a healthful diet. Below are some of the … Continue reading

Los Angeles Personal Trainer | The 6 Best Butt Exercises

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Summer approaches every year, yet you still don’t feel like your ready to show off your body. The only way you will feel good about yourself is to get up and start exercising. Try not to get discouraged by past attempts at exercising, just take one small step at a time. Slowly add cardio and strength training exercises to your routine while eating a bit healthier every day. In order to get prepare to look good in your swim suit, you will want to perform exercises targeted for your glutes … Continue reading