Healthful Habits You Can Easily Keep – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. Ultimately, most of us don’t end up sticking with them and wind up feeling more discouraged than ever. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to encourage you to create and retain healthy habits throughout the year. You’ll be surprised how easy they are to incorporate into your life and even happier when you see the satisfying results. Healthy Habits To Start • Get your heart-rate going first thing in the morning. Before you eat breakfast, take a walk outside … Continue reading

Jason’s Tip of the Day – Sleep

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Jason’s Tip of the Day – Sleep Everyone needs it. In this day and age it’s difficult to unplug from the rest of the world. TV, tablets, phones, work stress, life stress. It all compounds to interrupt a good night’s sleep. Most of us get by on less than 7 hours per night, but we really need to give our bodies 8 hours whenever possible. I recommend my clients turn off all electronic devices an hour before bed. Grab a good book and get into bed. Having trouble falling asleep? … Continue reading

Los Angeles Personal Trainer Reveals 3 Secrets To Great Abs


Looking for a lean, toned stomach? As a personal trainer, this is what most new clients ask me for. This is considered as the ultimate goal in most fitness plans but this so hard to do for most people no matter how much they exercise. You may have tried doing tons of abdominal exercises and given up and I wouldn’t blame you for doing this. You have to forget about just doing crunches because this alone won’t give you rock hard abdominals. The idea that crunches alone can give you … Continue reading

10 Ways To De-Stress During The Holiday Season

Deena Russo, High Performance Personal Trainer The holidays can be a lot of hustle and bustle and can make us feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Stress is proven to be bad for your health. Negative side effects of stress include difficulty getting to and staying asleep, elevated blood pressure, over the long term it can damage heart health, plus it can cause depression and moodiness. There are several effective methods to reduce stress. The best plan is to find a way to move your body and get the endorphins going in … Continue reading

2013 Mr. Olympia Preview From Gold’s Gym Venice Bodybuilding

The word is from the horses mouth (Charles Glass) that Dexter Jackson is looking better than ever – even bigger and harder.  Coming off his recent competitive wins in the open division, it’s feasible that he could win back the 2013 Mr. Olympia title.  I think that would be totally cool, like when Bill Pearl used to come back and win the Mr. Universe with long gaps in between. Shawn Rhoden is looking very round and peeled at the same time.  He is big round muscle bellies and small joints. … Continue reading

Los Angeles Personal Trainer – Santa Monica and Nearby Workouts Outside the Gym by Mr. America


Santa Monica Rings If you like a really challenging exercise at the beach, then take a shot at the Santa Monica Rings at the old Muscle Beach. You can do quite a few exercises here, all of which are really hard! Do knee raises, pull-ups, or simply Tarzan-swing back and forth. Just swinging from ring to ring is quite the challenge for the average exerciser. If you can lift yourself to a pike position you are in an exceptional class of relative strength. — Walk the Santa Monica Stairs The … Continue reading

Workout For The Day – Santa Monica Stairs

Go for 10 sets: Just to be clear, going up and down is one set. Or down and up. You can’t call going down and up as 2 sets! Do the 10 sets walking, not running. Stretch hamstrings, quadriceps and calves at the top each time. Finish with 100 crunches on the grassy area in the middle of 4th near Adelaide. Want to target your glutes more? Here are 3 ways to work more glutes on the Santa Monica stairs: Make an effort to hinge at your hip with step … Continue reading

Los Angeles Personal Trainer explains The Positive and Negative Domino Effect of Weight Loss

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The Positive and Negative Domino Effect of Weight Loss Whether you make a bad decision or a good one, it always seems to snowball into consecutive good or bad decisions until you reach the top or bottom. If this domino effect often happens to you, then this can either make weight loss easy or impossible. Below is an example of how the domino effect can affect weight loss in a negative way. It’s an early weekday morning and your alarm wakes you from your slumber. Rather than getting up and … Continue reading

Sticking To A Fitness Routine – Personal Trainer Los Angeles


The Top Five Benefits of Exercise There are many reasons to start exercising. It is important for the body to stay physically fit in order to live our lives in our best condition. Benefit #1: Proper exercise will increase the longevity of our lives. Benefit #2: Exercise can reduce illnesses and diseases from developing. Benefit #3: Daily exercise can burn calories which will shed that extra weight. Benefit #4: Exercise improves your overall mood and self-confidence. Benefit #5: Regular workouts will provide you with natural energy. Contact High Performance Personal … Continue reading

Why Exercise Matters – Los Angeles Weight Loss

Successful weight loss can be frustrating and difficult for even the best of us. What foods should I eat? What foods should I not eat? And how important is exercise when I am trying to lose weight? Successful weight loss involves two things: proper nutrition and consistent exercise. Health and fitness professional Jason Kozma has the experience to help you in both areas! As a certified sport nutritionist, Jason can help you design a nutrition program to meet your needs. Contact him to set up a consultation today. This post focuses … Continue reading

Personal Trainer Los Angeles Talks About Off-Season Sports Performance Training

Mr. America Jason Kozma and his team of sport-specific training experts will be able to determine your weaknesses through observation and then they will create a specialized plan to strengthen those weaknesses as well as boost your body’s ability to play basketball, baseball, hockey, football, tennis, martial arts or your specific sport. We’ll create the perfect endurance and speed improvement plan for you based on your current fitness level and sport. We will also develop a nutritional plan that will help boost the effectiveness of your workout routine. Not a … Continue reading

Ab Exercises | Female Physique Competition Trainer

So you’ve decided to compete in your first physique competition or wish to, yet you don’t know how to prepare. It is only natural to be nervous, but with right preparations and mindset you will be able to stand out from the rest. Your main concern should be your abdominals, as this is the most difficult area to condition for most people. The correct way of strengthening your abs will be explained in the paragraphs below. Of course, if you haven’t already you will need to cut any extra fat … Continue reading

(Personal Trainer Los Angeles) 6 Weight Loss Snacks

If you’re looking to lose weight, then you may know snacking is one of the best ways to keep your metabolic rate high throughout the day. Although it can be good for you, too much of a good thing can have its consequences. Excessive snacking will not only add extra pounds to your stomach, but can completely ruin your weight loss results thus far. Below are six pieces of advice to keep in mind when it comes to snacking. Tip #1: Stay Clear of Low Calorie Snack Packs Stores are … Continue reading

Fitness For Your Family – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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With the advent of things like video games and social media, today’s current generation are less and less fit and active than previous grades. If activities were made to be more engaging and fun, there may be a more natural inclination to exercise and then we wouldn’t have such a problem with childhood obesity as we currently do. If you consider that when a child is bad, and you ask him why he done, his response is usually “Because it was fun!” so this designates the idea that exercise should … Continue reading

These Foods are Bad for Your Thyroid (Personal Trainer Los Angeles)


Over twenty-five million people in the United States are affected by a thyroid disease, mainly hypothyroidism (a slowly working thyroid) and hyperthyroidism (an over-working thyroid). Both of these conditions appear to be most prominent in women over the age of fifty, especially during menopause. Studies show that 1 in 5 women with menopause have a type of thyroid dysfunction and it is possible that the number is higher since most women are never diagnosed. What is a Thyroid? Hypothyroidism is a well-known condition that makes up over eighty percent of … Continue reading

Choose Smart When Eating Fast Food – Personal Trainer Los Angeles

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With today’s fast-paced busy lifestyle, eating fast food is a convenient way to get a meal. As you may know, fast food is not a healthy option in the least due to all of the saturated fat and trans fat within it. Although most know this, it’s still hard to resist a quick and easy meal. On the occasion that you do order fast food, be sure to choose as healthy as you can. Though there aren’t any healthy ingredients in fast food, the key is to purchase the foods … Continue reading

The Difference Between Being Physically Active and Physically Fit

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Exercise is an important life changing commitment each of us should stick to. Not only will you lose excess weight and look good from working out regularly, but your immune system will be strengthened and you’ll have more energy than ever before. Just getting your standard three to four workout sessions per week for twenty minutes each day could dramatically change your life. How To Get Fit Most people know all of the health benefits that come with exercise, yet they still come up with every excuse in the book … Continue reading

The Best Foods for Fighting Fatigue – Los Angeles Personal Trainer

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If you’re the type of person who has a hard time getting up in the morning or is ready to take a nap by the time afternoon rolls around, then you are probably not getting a sufficient energy from the foods you consume. Most people today are the types of people who suffer from fatigue throughout the day. There are many causes of fatigue, though the most common is poor nutrition. The reason a person consumes food and liquids are to create fuel for the body to perform well each … Continue reading