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The holidays are long gone. New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten. And we are once again lamenting that those “extra ten pounds” just won’t go away. LA health and fitness expert Jason Kozma says he gets more questions on losing the last 10 pounds than on any other fitness-related subject. “Losing the last ten pounds is very possible,” he says. “It’s just most people don’t want to hear that it takes a combination of diet and exercise to get rid that extra fat.” Kozma who sculpted the bodies of athletes … Continue reading

Sleeveless by Summer

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With summer around the corner and the bare-shoulders trend in fashion, who wouldn’t obsess about perfect arms? If you are over 30 and still want to look good in a tank top, read on for tips on tightening your upper body muscle tone. But first things first, you have the work the body as a whole, using the core and upper body rather than strengthening the arms separately. Start with burning the fat layer away from your arms. It’s important to combine strength training and cardio into one powerful workout … Continue reading

Game plan for great abs

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Are you one of the many fitness enthusiasts who are working to get ripped and shaped abs? Does it feel like you have tried everything but still seem to be getting nowhere? You can find the perfect fitness program tailored to both your desires but also to your body shape. This way you only undertake the specific fitness and nutrition plan specifically designed to help you get the abs of your dreams! To get abs you will be proud of you need to eat right and exercise. You will need … Continue reading

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