2013 Mr. Olympia Preview From Gold’s Gym Venice | Bodybuilding

The word is from the horses mouth (Charles Glass) that Dexter Jackson is looking better than ever – even bigger and harder.  Coming off his recent competitive wins in the open division, it’s feasible that he could win back the 2013 Mr. Olympia title.  I think that would be totally cool, like when Bill Pearl used to come back and win the Mr. Universe with long gaps in between.
Shawn Rhoden is looking very round and peeled at the same time.  He is big round muscle bellies and small joints.  He’s sporting the pre-contest cover-up look complete with hoodie, So no sneak previews.  He was third at last years Mr. O, and won 4 pro shows in 2012 in including the Arnold Classic Spain (that’s a big deal) so that makes him quite a threat.

Shawn Rhoden
Shawn Rhoden winning 2012 Arnold Classic Spain

2013 Mr. Olympia Contenders

This years 2013 Mr. Olympia is really stacked.
You’ve got three Mr. Olympias in contention: Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath And Jay Cutler.
In addition you’ve got heavyweight threats like the aforementioned Shawn Rhoden, Kai Green, Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf, and Victor Martinez.
If everyone comes in shape it’s going to be a hell of a show!

Dexter Jackson 2015 Arnold Classic

Dexter Jackson wins Arnold Classic3/07/2015 News from Gold’s Gym Venice: my favorite active IFBB pro bodybuilder Dexter Jackson won the 2015 Arnold Classic Pro Bodybuilding Championships!
What’s even more amazing about him is that he’s 45!

In 2008 Dexter won the coveted Mr. Olympia title. In 2011 he won the Pro Masters World Championships and in 2012 he won the Masters (over 40) Mr. Olympia. He then came back to competing in the open vs. much younger pros and has amassed more wins and high placings. Below is a summary of just his 2015 placings:

2015 Arnold Classic, 1st
2015 Arnold Classic Australia, 1st
2015 Arnold Classic Europe, 1st
2015 Mr. Olympia, 2nd
2015 Prague Pro, 1st

Congrats Dexter, you’re an inspiration to us all! (Or at least just me ?)

Wish him continued good luck!


Bodybuilding Biceps and Triceps Workout For Big Arms

arm workoutHere’s what I did for arms today, this is a fairly typical arm day for me. These are not my peak weights, I’ve been going a little lighter lately.

1- Alternating dumbbell curls: 45×10, 60×10, 75×10, 85×8
2- Drag curls: 95×10, 115×10, 135×10, 155×10
3- Triceps Pushdowns: 90×20, 110×15, 130×10, 150×10
4- Overhead cable extensions: 80×10, 110×10, 130×10, 150×8
5- Machine preacher curls: 115×10, 135×10, 160×8, 160×8
6- Dumbbell triceps extension: 45×10, 60×10, 75×10, 85×10

by Mr. America Jason Kozma


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